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High-quality cubes

France Trampoline supplies high-quality cubes to leisure professionals.

Propose a safe installation with our high-quality cubes

Trampoline and leisure parks are equipped with a multitude of installations to entertain the general public and constantly renew their offer. Foam pits are found next to trampoline batteries, gymnastic apparatus, and other sports and leisure equipment. Foam blocks are used to fill the pits and provide a perfectly safe place to jump around in.

The cubes' compact, resistant foam cushions the trampoline users' landings and avoids injuries. Users can perform jumps and complex figures in complete safety. Our high-quality cubes for professionals are designed for intensive use and do not fall apart, even after repeated shocks. Place your order for the number of cubes you need with our customized sales service.

Set up original activities for everyone

The trampoline and its related activities are very popular today. Athletic types and thrill-seekers are increasingly attending trampoline and leisure parks. Foam pits are both fun and practical. They are found near trampolines or gymnastic equipment. Fill your foam pits with superior-quality foam cubes for the comfort of those patrons who come to your center to jump around and have a good time.

Whether with family or friends, users will not injure themselves when landing in the foam pits thanks to our fine-quality blocks. They comply with the current European safety standards for professional use.

High-quality foam cubes for professionals

France Trampoline supplies professionals with high-quality foam cubes to fill their foam pits and guarantee a safe, pleasant play experience. Made in Europe, they comply with current standards and ensure cushioned landings as their density measures 40 kg/m³. Both solid and comfortable, they maintain their firmness even after repeated, intensive use. Children and adults can therefore use the installations safely. The impact of their jumps is absorbed by the foam!

Our customized sales service is ready to take your order for the quantity of blocks you need. Two colors, red and grey, are available.


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