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Ovalie range

OVALIE Line: an original rectangular shape for trampolines that will delight children, teens, and adults.

Equipped with 180-mm and 210-mm springs for the largest model, these uniquely-shaped oval trampolines are ideal for family or athletic use. The oval shape lets jumpers bounce without having to land in the center of the jumping mat thanks to the springs positioned across from one another.

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  • Pre-order

    Oval 360 trampoline with safety enclosure. An elongated shape suited to mid-size gardens. Children and teens will be able to alternate playing different games and performing sequences of figures.

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  • Pre-order

    Oval 430 trampoline with safety enclosure. With its elongated shape, children and adults will be able to perform more complex jumps and figures and invent new ball games.

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  • En stock

    Oval 490 trampoline with safety enclosure. This trampoline will allow athletic children and adults to perform powerful jumps, thanks to its springs positioned facing one another.

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  • Pre-order

    Oval 360 trampoline pack, with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, cover, and anchoring kit. The fully-equipped trampoline for oblong gardens!

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    512,17 € 48742€
  • 1 avis Pre-order

    Ovalie 430 trampoline Pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, premium cover, and anchoring kit. Perfect for family use.

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    616,33 € 58325€
  • 1 avis In stock

    Oval 490 trampoline pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, premium cover, and anchoring kit. Multiply family games and jumps on this amazing elongated space!

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    728,83 € 69158€

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