Motor Skills Game

For the little ones’ greatest pleasure, France Trampoline has diversified its offer and now provides you with a series of indoor games adapted to the personal and physical development of your children starting at an early age. 

Inspired by the pedagogical principles of Montessori Education, discover a line of fun, educational games that allow your children to gain in confidence while developing their freedom of movement.

Develop their dexterity with adapted games!

Because a growing child is very active and in perpetual motion, we provide you with games specially designed to assist the youngest children in their physical development and coordination.

Handle, build, climb… Offer them the possibility to have fun while developing their physical capacities through games that have them use all their muscles. Since physical movement contributes to the personal development of small children, it is essential to provide them with a fun game trail, where they can safely play as much as they like in the family room or their bedroom.

You’ll be able to watch your children evolve in their play area and work on their motor skills and balance, thanks to physical, educational, and adapted games: from the motor skills trail to wooden toys, all our games and toys are compatible with the Montessori Method.

Let their movements and imagination run free! 

A child’s imagination knows no bounds! That’s why it’s important to offer them a playground where they are free to romp around and develop their nimbleness, and where they can let their imagination run free.

Thanks to games involving motor skills, your children will be able to explore their physical capacities and improve on their coordination, while enjoying fun structures that encourage their creativity and endless imagination!

Accompany them on their quest for adventure by giving them a fun, safe play area, conducive to their creativity and development. With our games your children will discover the freedom of learning through movement, and exploring their environment with unbelievably fun adventures, under the watchful eye of Daddy and Mommy.

Gone with baby walkers and frames, strollers, and all the other equipment that obliges them to maintain a certain position and keeps them from moving around: From now on, they can learn by moving around and therefore grow at their own pace.

A learning curve that starts with hands

At an age where children are just starting to discover the world and are constantly trying to understand their surroundings, their hands represent their main reference points and learning tools. Whether it’s the family room rug, mommy’s soft skin, or the kitty’s fur, our children are constantly exploring the world around them by touching things with their hands.

Curious by nature, they continually discover with their hands, manipulating, touching, grabbing onto, handling, fondling, and probing. This is why it is imperative to guide them along their learning curve by giving them the possibility to explore the world at their fingertips with games of motor skills, in a playful, adapted environment.

Here, curiosity is highly recommended! Let them satisfy their curiosity and discover things though their sense of touch with maneuverable games adapted to their size, in attractive textures and colors to satisfy baby’s curiosity and allow her to grow and develop at her own rhythm.

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