Triangle Climbing Toy

France Trampoline is now providing a new line of wooden play sets for fun-seeking young adventurers: Climbing Triangles, physical, mobile, recreational play sets deigned to develop young children’s imagination, motor skills, and well-being.

A multitude of game combinations to discover!

Offer your children a brand new springboard for unbelievable adventures!  Recreational and original, our Climbing Triangles are made of a natural wooden structure offering a large number of games and activities: wooden swingslide, trapeze, climbing wall, as well as accessories and ideas to stimulate the imagination and creativity of young children, for hours and hours of fun!

Join in on the adventure and discover up to 150 possible game combinations. In addition to benefitting from a large number of compatible accessories, our climbing triangles may be positioned in five different ways and include many active games like monkey bars, wooden rings, a climbing net, and several ladders positioned both horizontally and vertically. This is truly a wooden sports complex to keep your children on the move and building their muscles while having fun.

Develop motor skills while having fun!

Inspired by Pikler’s Triangle and the Montessori Method, we provide you with a sports and game course where your children can develop their freedom of movement and improve on their agility, balance, and coordination at their own pace. Thanks to our Climbing Triangles, they learn at an early age to explore their physical and motor skills through games, by combining fun with physical development… two birds with one stone!

Our wooden motor skills trails will arouse their curiosity, stimulate their senses, and develop their sensory capacities. Simple and basic, all our trails are maneuverable, easy to use, and adapted to small children’s’ sizes; a perfect combination to arouse the imagination while having fun, much to the children’s’ delight.

Ideal for indoor play, your children will develop their physical and motor skills on a structure that requires them to use all their muscles, from the climbing wall to the wooden rings, in a safe environment equipped with a floor mat for additional safety.

A durable, sustainable play set

Far from being outdated, wooden toys are more in demand than ever as they are safer and more educational for your children.  Made of quality birch wood, our Climbing Triangles have a low impact on the environment since they are made of natural, ecological materials. What’s more, they are much safer for young children’s health, unlike plastic toys made from oil refinery materials and other synthetics.

In addition to being ecological and pleasing to the eye, our wooden toys have many other advantages! Made from a noble, resistant material, they are much less likely to break or be damaged by children’s rough-housing. In other words, they have a longer shelf life than most other toys. And in the event that they do break, they are easy to repair, giving them yet another advantage.

What’s more, choosing sustainable, ecological products teaches chldren early on to develop an interest in preserving the environment and ecological awareness, while having fun at the same time. A win-win situation!

Choose a sustainable, ecological, sturdy play set for your children’s personal growth, development, and happiness.

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