Balance Board

A board for a well-rounded development! 

It’s not a toy, it’s an experience of the senses for your child. At a very early age, children use this board to develop their motor and mental skills. Whether on all fours or standing, the board will awaken their sense of balance and stimulate their vestibular system

This helps them measure their movements, situate their bodies in space, and participate in developing their motor skills. The board is a new motor skills game as recommended by the Montessori method.  

In addition to developing motor skills, it helps them develop their mental and psychological skills. Children will find many creative uses for this curved balance board: as a swing, a teeter-totter, a reading seat, or (why not) a bridge for miniature cars or dolls. Children’s creativity knows no limits, so who knows how much fun they’ll have with this balance board?! 

A fitness accessory for all ages! 

Teach your children sets of short exercises to tone up and reinforce their little muscles. Children love to imitate their parents, so teach them relaxing yoga postures for balance and exercise. 

Adults appreciate this full fitness accessory. Whether for warm-ups or stretching exercises, you’ll get a full workout targeting specific muscles. This awesome sports companion also lets you work on your cardio, endurance, and abs. The board is also used in physiotherapy to rebuild muscle, and prevent  recurring injuries such as sprained ankles. 

Eco-friendly Accessory 

Made of natural wood from Germany, you’ll appreciate its noble aspect and design. This supple accessory is suitable for different indoor and outdoor activities, and withstands up to 120 kg. The board’s quality ensures durability and optimal comfort no matter how intensely it’s used. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and so can be stored easily, and its elegant design will easily find its place in your home.  

The balance board is your ideal companion in your child’s development and in your fitness sessions. 

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