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Indiana Zipline XL

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Extra long 45 m garden Indiana zipline for children and adults.

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    Ready, Set, GO!!!! Experience the thrills of a zipline in your own back garden! Both children and adults will love it!

    - A complete kit, ready to install in your garden! Easy to set up, our Extra long Indiana zipline of 45 m can be fitted between two healthy trees with trunks of minimum 92cm. 

    - This kit is made of solid and reliable material: a pulley with non-slip handles, a 45 m galvanised steel cable (Ø 6 mm), a sling cable, cable ties, a seat with a suspension rope, a braking system for user safety and a tensioner. 

    - Build your own obstacle course at home! We advise you to set up your zipline above soft ground (grass, sand, etc.) to avoid injuries in the case of a fall. 

    - Our ziplines are a fun game for children from the age of 3 (under adult supervision). Maximum weight 110kg. 

    - Easy setup, an assembly manual is provided. Do not forget to disassemble it in negative temperatures. 

    Adjusting the seat:

    When sitting on the zipline button seat, you must be able to reach the pulley handles.

    1 - Move the "S" shaped fixing on the rope, between the seat and the pulley.

    2 -  If this is not sufficient to reach the handles tie a knot in the rope, under the seat.

    Indiana Zipline XL
    Dimensions45 m long
    Accessories includedPulley with handgrips / 45-meter galvanized steel cable / 1 1.53-meter sling cable / Seat & suspension rope / Braking system (spring)
    MaterialGalvanized steel cables / Galvanized steel cable / Plastic seat
    Cable diameter6 mm
    AssiseRed plastic
    User weight limit110 kg
    Installation tipInstall on a flat, cleared area
    Minimum age3 years - recommended 6 years and over
    Warantee1 year
    NormeMarquage CE et EN-71
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