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Trampoline for Outremer 43 catamaran

Shipped within 3 to 4 weeks

689,00 € VAT incl.

You are the owner of a Outremer 43 and you need to change your trampoline ? France Trampoline offers various materials manufactured and designed for catamarans in the Outremer range.

- Our polyester netting is protected against UV-light and is available with 2 types of mesh: 13 x 13 mm and 30 x 30 mm., called F1313T and F3030T. The "T" refers to the fact that this netting is braided and not knotted, therefore more pleasant underfoot. when moored or for manoeuvres.

- F3030T offers better visibility between both hulls and allows waves to filter through more easily. F1313T is more comfortable underoot and will allow you to on you net.

- Don't forget to soak your net for 24 hours before installation and to set up your net still wet.  The net will go back to its natural shape once dry. The net is equipped with a bolt rope , a 10 mm rope  which is used to fix the net. To set up the net, lace a tension rope between boat fixings and the bolt rope. 

- MT392 and MT492 are extremely resistant mesh materials. Various edges can be provided, sleeves, strap with stainless steel eyelets sont des matières mesh extrêmement résistantes. Les bordures peuvent être multiples comme des fourreaux, des bandes avec œillets inox ou des ralingues de différents diamètres. Les bordures sont cousues et soudées pour une longue résistance dans le temps. La matière est un peu lourde et peut  changer le comportement de votre bateau.

- De nombreux grands loueurs de bateaux et chantiers dans le monde nous font confiance pour l’équipement de leurs catamarans. Nous vous livrons partout dans le monde.

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Data sheet

Catamaran trampoline features
CompatibilityOutremer 43
UV treatmentYes
Estimated life-span6 to 7 years
Tensioning systemLacing
Net/mat features
Net F3030T features
Thread diameter4 mm
NettingPlaited 30 x 30 mm
EdgingBolt rope with 10 mm end
Material475g/m² Polyester
Net F1313T features
EdgingBolt rope with 12 mm end
Thread diameter2.5 mm
NettingPlaited 13 x 13 mm
Material700g/m² Polyester
Multitramp Mesh 392 (MT 392) features
Distance between eyelets17 mm
Stainless steel eyeletsYes, 17 mm Ø
Material1000dtex - 820 g/m² PVC coating
EdgingWelded straps + stitching + 900 g/m² reinforcement
AssemblyWith reinforcement if width over 1.80 m
NettingPlaited 3 x 3 mm
Multitramp Mesh 492 (MT 492) features
EdgingWelded strap + stitching + 900g/m² reinforcement strap
Stainless steel eyeletsYes, 17 mm Ø
Material1670dtex - 1 000 g/m² / PVC coating
AssemblyWith reinforcements if width over 1.80 m
NettingPlaited 6.5 x 7 mm
Distance between eyelets17 mm
Dyneema SK 75 net features
MaterialDyneema 224 g/m²
Thread diameter2,5 mm
EdgingBolt rope with 10 mm end
NettingPlaited 25 x 25 mm
Additional options
Tensioning ropePossible to order rope online (sold by the meter)
Delivery information
Overall dimensions50 x 30 x 30 cm
Worldwide deliveryYes
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