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Your quote for an indoor or outdoor house net

Are you looking for a suspended house net to cover an empty space, secure a staircase or create a relaxation space ? This is the place to be!

Get your quote in under five minutes directly on our website and confirm your order directly on line.

Manufacturing time for a net is between 3 to 4 weeks.

Manufacturing a net is not a standard science. To get a perfect result, we will need extra technical information:

- Shape of the space to fill,

- The exact dimensions of the space to fill (in mm). Length and width for rectangles and squares, short base & long base (and height) for trapeziums, diagonals for quadrangles, diameter for a circle, etc.

- Information on the space to fill: material of supporting walls, number of fixings, etc.

Choose my dimensions

Choose my netting material

Choose my fixing system

Choose my rope

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What is the shape of the space to fill?

Tick the box for approriate shape of your space. We will then ask you for the correct measurements.

What are the measurements of your space?

Enter the exact measurements of the empty space (in mm). Take measurements from edge to edge.

Quadrilatère quelconque

How will the net be used?

Your net will be used to prolong a mezzanine, create a relaxation space, secure a staircase or terrace, etc. Tell us everything so we can advise you on the correct material.

Choose your netting and net material

Here are the different types of netting we can offer, taking into account provided information.

Please be aware, the given prices are not definitive, you may want to add fixings or tensioning rope to install your net.

Select a finishing for you net

Several finishings are available for the netting you have chosen. Select the correct finishing

Which fixings would you like to use ?

We advise the following fixings, in regard to the use of your net and type of netting.

Rigging cable + terminal + cable pack

In step 3 you mentioned one side was empty or was made with a non-solid support. We advise using this pack to secure the use of your suspended net.

The length of the cable is automatically calculated according to the length you provided in step 3, rounded off to the next meter.

Select the chosen fixing

The necessary quantity is automatically calculated according to the perimeter of your net, with a fixing point every 150 mm. None the less, you can adjust the quantity directly in the table by changing “Quantity”. The price will be automatically updated.

Do you need wall plugs?

They will allow you to fix the screw in your wall or casing. The necessary quantity is automatically calculated.

Choose your tensioning rope

Single or double lacing?

You can choose single or double lacing. This will not change the strength of the net, it is simply down to your visual taste! Double lacing requires an additional amount of rope.

The rope will allow you to stretch your net. All you need to do is lace the rope through the netting or boltrope and through the fixings.

According to the use of your net, we advise the following tensioning rope. We have calculated the length according to the type of lacing you have selected and the perimeter of your net.

Your quote is almost finished

If your net is going to be delivered outside of mainland France, additional transport fees will apply and will be calculated according to the destination. We invite you to connect to your account or to create an account to receive your quote by e-mail.

Creating an account does not commit you to anything: it simply allows us to send a detailed quote by e-mail.

Connect to your account to finalize your quote and to receive it by e-mail.

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