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Filet de protection pour trampoline Apollo Sport 400

Enclosure for Apollo Sport 400 trampoline


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Availability date : 2017-07-07

259,90 € VAT incl.

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Our enclosures are designed to protect any users on your trampoline. These enclosures prevent anyone from falling off the trampoline. This model is perfectly adapted to the Apollo Sport 400 trampoline. 

- The enclosure has a double, overlapping entrance which means that the users can go in and out of the trampoline safely for everyone’s peace of mind. It can be opened using Velcro strips and clips.

- The thick netting makes it incredibly shock-resistant and the netting is very fine so children cannot get their fingers caught and injure themselves.

- The enclosure is fitted outside of the frame pad which maximises the jumping space on the trampoline. Furthermore, it is fitted to the underside of the frame pad which means that you cannot fall between the enclosure and the frame pad.

- A structure made out of 8 larges posts of 38 mm in diameter hold the net up. These galvanized steel posts add additional strength as they follow the legs of the trampoline down to the ground. They bring stability to the whole trampoline.

- The posts are held to the net using special brackets, they have therefore not been drilled into. This means that the galvanization of the steel is more long-lasting.

- The posts are covered in a PVC sleeves which protect them against UV light, if you fall against the posts you will not be injured.

- At the top of the trampoline, fibreglass rods increase the stability and resistance of the enclosure and mean that it is always tightly stretched. On top of making this a quality product, it also increases the aesthetics of your trampoline.

This enclosure is adapted to the Apollo Sport 400 trampoline and any other rectangular trampoline of 4.20 m by 3.05 m with 6 feet.


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Data sheet

Enclosure features
Net materialPE 180 g/m² (Polyester)
Internal closingVelcro
Opening systemOverlapping (2 layers of netting)
Lower net fixingTensioner with clip
Packaging dimensions145 x 34 x 31 cm
Height2.56 m
Upper net fixingFiber glass rods
Sleeve material650 g/m² green Polyester
N° of parcels1 package
Warranty6 months
Weight37 kg
Thickness foam protection10 mm
N° of poles8
Pole diameter38 mm
Steel thickness1.5 mm
Pole fixing system2 fixing brackets per pole
External closingClips
European standardsEN 71-14 janv. 2015
Assembly instructionsProvided
Pole materialHot-dip galvanized steel
Compatible with other trampoline sizes4.24 m x 3.62 m
Trampoline model(s)Apollo Sport 400
Compatible with other trampoline brandsFrance Trampoline exclusively
TypeNets with posts

Customer review

Show 1 - 1 of 1 review

From: Monsieur. G
The: 2016-08-11 09:25:53

Excellent produit. livré dans les temps.

Show 1 - 1 of 1 review

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