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Trampoline for Maldive 32 catamaran

Shipped within 3 to 4 weeks


Replacement trampoline for Maldive 32 catamaran



    To replace the net on your Maldive 32 catamaran we recommend 2 different materials frequently used in the nautical area. Polyester netting offers a great compromise between resistance and permeability and is UV-light protected.

    - F3030T nets have 30 x 30 mm netting. This type is netting is comfortable and does not modify the behaviour of your boat in rough marine conditions.

    - F1313T has tighter, 13 x 13 mm netting. This type of netting is more comfortable and is appreciated when anchored.

    - These 2 types of polyester nets are weight resistant and can withstand up to 200 kg/m².

    - To install your net we recommend soaking it for 24 hours and installing it wet. This will allow the net to loosen up and then tighten when dry.

    - We also provide technical canvases made from multitramp mesh. This PVC coated netting offers rigidity and durability.

    - The borders are made with high-frequency welds for optimum resistance. Along this border we can put stainless steel grommets every 150 mm or weld a sleeve to slide a fibreglass rod or cable. We can also use boltropes if your boat has tracks.

    - France Trampoline can deliver your trampoline anywhere in the world.

    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsMaldive 32
    Tension systemLacing
    Tension ropeSold by the meter. Online ordering available.
    Available materials
    30 x 30 mm braided netting475 g/m² polyester - Edge : 10 mm bolt rope - Thread diameter : 4 mm
    13 x 13 mm braided netting700 g/m² polyester - Edge : 10 mm bolt rope - Thread diameter : 2,5 mm
    Mesh Multitramp 3921000dtex 820g/m² - Revêtement : PVC - Bordure : oeillets inox 17 mm - Sangle soudée
    Multitramp Mesh 4921000g/m² 1670dtex - PVC coating - Edge : 17 mm grommets - Welded strap
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