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16ft Premium Ovalie frame pad

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Green frame pad for oval trampolines of 4.80 m by 2.84 m.



    The frame pad is an essential safety component on your trampoline. If it is beginning to be worn, the foam will no longer protect users from bad falls. This Premium model is perfectly adapted to oval trampolines measuring 4.80 m by 2.84 m.

    - This green Premium frame pad is perfectly adapted to the Ovalie 490 trampoline or any other trampoline, from another brand, with total exterior measurements of 4.80 m by 2.84 m. Furthermore, the springs must measure no more than 230 mm in length.

    - The foam used is expanded polyethylene (EPE) which makes it highly shock resistant. It is waterproof and will not deteriorate if there is frost or other difficult weather conditions.

    - We offer quality spare parts, this implies that the frame pad is not made from foam strips, but from a compact, monobloc foam, which is 31 mm thick. This makes it incredibly weather resistant and shock-resistant.

    - This foam has been covered in UV-protected PVC, which has a density of 650 g/m² and is 0,55 mm thick. This strength will guarantee long-term durability.

    - The frame pad is fixed to the framework of the trampoline using elastic straps and eyelets. This allows the frame pad to be firmly held to the framework whilst leaving a small space between the springs and the pad.

    Coussin de protection
    Systémes de fixationSandows élastiques
    Dimensions du coussinLargeur 41 cm - Epaisseur 30 mm
    MatièreRêvetement PVC 100g/m² traité anti-UV
    Poids12 kg
    Garantie6 mois
    Longueur des ressorts180 mm
    Taille du trampoline488 cm
    Modèle France TrampolineOvalie 490

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    Tugdual et valerie. A

    bonne qualité mais un peu trop grand par rapport à notre trampoline

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