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Arc de cercle armature Oxygen Hip/Hop 360

Circular framework Oxygen Hip/Hop 360


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25,00 € VAT incl.

This spare part will allow you to change one of the damaged components on your Oxygen 360 or Hip/Hop 360 trampoline. You will not need to replace the whole trampoline, if only one component has been damaged during a storm or years of intensive use, this spare part will be ideal.

- This circular framework is made from hot-dip galvanised steel and can remain outside on your trampoline.

- It is 1.5 mm thick and measures 42 mm in diameter. If your trampoline uses tubing that has steel less than 1.5 mm thick, we recommend changing trampoline as it could buckle under pressure and could be dangerous for users.

- This component is designed for the Oxygen 360 or Hip/Hop 360 trampolines with enclosures by France Trampoline. The component can be fitted to the rest of the framework using T-junction components to avoid any soldering. This is an exclusive France Trampoline system which is not compatible with other trampolines that have their circular framework soldered to the foot of the framework.

Warning: The T-junction components and the springs measuring 180 mm in length are sold separately.


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Data sheet

Circular arc features
Weight3 kg
Tube diameter38 mm
Warranty6 months
Dimension147 x 4,3 x 5 cm
Adaptable toOxygen and Hip/Hop 12 ft / 360 trampolines
Anti-corrosion protectionHot-dip galvanized steel
Steel thickness1,5 mm
N° of spring attachments9
Compatible with trampoline shape/sizeRound 12 ft / 3.66 m
France Trampoline model(s)Oxygen 360
Compatible with other trampoline brandsFrance Trampoline exclusively
TypeFramework parts
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