Security panel for trampoline battery - English

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This PVC safety sign for trampolines lets you issue instructions for use to the public. Written in English.



    This France Trampoline safety sign provides instructions for using the trampoline battery in English. Its use is highly recommended if your trampoline is open to the public, whether you are a leisure facility or a hotel.

    - This 40 x 30 cm rectangular safety sign is printed on 3 mm thick Forex ® (PVC). This highly resistant material means you can leave the sign hanging all year round, as it is resistant to humidity and UV rays.

    - It is pre-drilled at 4 points, so you can easily fix it at the entrance to the trampoline, on the protective fence, for example.

    - This sign indicates the main safety instructions and rules of conduct on the structure (use under supervision, safety, no smoking or eating).

    - All instructions are given in French, and the most important instructions are also given in pictogram form.

    This sign indicates the safety instructions specifically for trampolining (tricks not to be performed, etc.).

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