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Trampoline for Hobie Cat 16 catamaran (3 pieces)

Shipped within 3 to 5 weeks


The Hobie Cat 16 trampoline is made from black meshand has three pieces.



    The Hobie Cat 16 trampoline has been designed to fulfil all the criteria for a catamaran trampoline. Adapted to your catamaran it will provide comfort and great sensations on your next outings. Designed to resist in tough maritime conditions, it is adapted for recreational or more intensive use.

    - Our Hobie Cat 16 trampolines are made from black mesh: the same material as on the original Hobie Cat 16. It is light, lets water through and is very resistant. It is the best quality trampoline for a sport catamarans. The mesh is very tight in both axes and sewn using fine, plaited, technical thread for greater wave resistance and permeability to water.

     - A catamaran trampoline is always highly exposed to wear and tear. To improve durability, we use very strong thread. This is ideal for intensive or occasional use.

     - All of our trampolines are protected from UV light. You will be able to leave your trampoline on your catamaran, in full sunlight, without worrying about it deteriorating.

     - The Hobie Cat 16 trampoline is made from three separate components, it is fixed using bolt ropes and eyelets to spread weight evenly across the trampoline. Tension can be modified using the lacing between the two larger components of the trampoline.

    Caution : 10 mm diameter for front and lateral boltropes, 11mm diameter for back boltropes. Please contact us if your diameters are different.

     - The eyelets are made from stainless steel. They are highly resistant in maritime conditions and will not rust. They are big enough to thread straps and tension systems through them.

    - All of our Hobie Cat trampolines have a storage pocket and two abseiling ropes.

     - Our trampolines are also available in PVC canvas, which is often used in sailing schools. Several colours are available.

    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsHobie Cat 16
    Tension system10 mm front bolt rope - 10 mm side bolt ropes - 11 mm back bolt rope
    Available materials
    Mesh PolypropylèneWeight : 260 g/m² - Resistance : 325 kg/m² - Stainless steel eyelets - EN ISO 11058
    PVC tarpaulinWeight : 900 g/m² - Resistance : 2 000 kg/m² - EN ISO 1421 - Colors : black, white, yellow, green, blue, red
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