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Ridoir pour câble de 10 mm

Rigging screw for 10 mm wire rope


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France Trampoline provides rigging screws for 10 mm in diameter wire ropes, allowing you to fix a net to a supporting structure that does not have 4 solid sides (wall, beam…).

The rigging screw is the part fixed on the wall opposite to the terminal. This part will allow you to stretch your cable. The rigging screw attaches to a piton or a deck plate which is screwed into your supporting structure.

- The rigging screw is made up of 2 parts: on one side a jaw with a pin which will allow you to attach the rigging screw to the piton or deck plate and the other side a swage which will join up to the wire rope.

- To place the wire rope in the rigging screw, you must unscrew the swage. Once the wire rope is in place tightly screw up the swage.

- The wire rope will be fixed thanks to the rigging screw and the rigging screw terminal. You can attach the terminal directly onto a piton or deck plate, tighten the wire rope and attach the rigging screw to the opposite wall. The wire rope is tightened by screwing up the rigging screw. Be careful, more the wire rope is stretched more the pitons or deck plates are under tension. Make sure they are well fixed into your supporting structure.

- The rigging screw made for m stainless steel is extremely resistant. It can be used indoors, outdoors and in nautical conditions.

- For a more aesthetic and long-lasting result, France Trampoline advises you to use shackles to attach your wire rope to your net with or without boltrope to avoid friction.

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