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Trampoline for Leopard 42 catamaran

Shipped within 3 to 4 weeks


This trampoline for the Leopard 42 catamaran series comes in 3 versions to meet all navigation requirements.


1 41900€

    Would you like to change your 42-foot Leopard catamaran's trampoline? Choose from one of our models designed according to the original specs of the Leopard 42.

    The trampoline of your Leopard 42 is made of Multitramp Mesh. The Multitramp is made of 1670dtex, and then coated in PVC. This technical canvas is very resilient and water-resistant. The Multitramp trampoline is particularly suited to sailing a Leopard 42 catamaran, particularly as it will not change the behaviour patterns of your boat.

    The MT492 netting measures 6.5 x 7 mm. This loose netting provides for great permeability. The MT492 is also thick and extremely resistant.

    - A soldered strap, stitching, and a reinforcement band able to withstand 900 kg/m2 are placed on the edge to guarantee maximal strength.

    - The trampoline is bordered with high-frequency welded grommets to make lacing easier. The grommets are placed every 150 mm.

    - We also offer a sheath finishing to make it easier to insert slats or fiberglass tubes.

    - This trampoline is also available in UV-resistant polyester roping in 13 mm F1313T netting or 30 mm F3030T netting for optimal water drainage.

    The choice of material will largely depend on your habitual navigation conditions. Whichever material you choose, your netting will be UV-resistant to maintain its initial properties for as long as possible.

    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsLeopard 42
    Tension systemLacing
    Tension ropeSold by the meter. Online ordering available.
    Available materials
    30 x 30 mm braided netting475 g/m² polyester - Edge : 10 mm bolt rope - Thread diameter : 4 mm
    13 x 13 mm braided netting700 g/m² polyester - Edge : 10 mm bolt rope - Thread diameter : 2,5 mm
    Multitramp Mesh 4921000g/m² 1670dtex - PVC coating - Edge : 17 mm grommets - Welded strap
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