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Trampoline for Hobie Cat 13 catamaran

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France Trampoline’s black mesh trampoline for your Hobie Cat 13 (3 parts)



    This trampoline manufactured by France Trampoline is perfectly adapted to your Hobie Cat 13. It is identical to the original trampoline and will replace your old catamaran trampoline for maximum comfort whilst you are at sea or on a lake. It will answer your needs for recreational or sportier sailing!

    - In order to provide a quality trampoline, France Trampoline uses black mesh material, which is best adapted to sport catamarans and nautical conditions, which are by definition more complicated (salt, humidity etc.). The netting is very tight on both axes, using fine plaited technical thread, making it highly resistant to waves and allowing water to pass through.

     - To prevent the stitches from tearing, they are done using nautical thread. The more exposed parts of the trampoline have been strengthened.

     - The trampoline is treated against UV light, meaning you can use the trampoline in highly exposed and exotic conditions.

     - The Hobie Cat 13 trampoline fits onto the hull of the catamaran using a bolt rope and has a central row of eyelets to ensure tension. The trampoline is fitted at the front of the catamaran thanks to a slide rail system. Caution : 11 mm diameter boltrope. Please contact us if your diameters are different.

     - The stainless steel eyelets allow you to attach straps or a tension system, and are particularly rust resistant.

     - Like the original Hobie Cat trampolines, France Trampoline’s trampoline has a pocket and two abseiling straps.

     The trampoline is also available in several different colours of canvas.

    Catamaran trampoline
    ModelsNew Cat F2
    Tension systemFormer version (prior to 2003): Front sheath and back bolt rope - Since 2003: 11 mm front bolt rope and back sheath
    Available materials
    Mesh PolypropylènePoids : 260 g/m² - Résistance : 325 kg/m² - Renfort : PVC - Oeillets : inox - Norme : EN ISO 11058
    PVC tarpaulinPoids : 900 g/m² - Résistance : 2 000 kg/m² - Norme : EN ISO 1421 - Couleurs : noir, blanc, jaune, vert, bleu, rouge
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