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Piton acier zingué

Galvanized steel Piton (8x80) and (12x120)


Available soon

2,22 € VAT incl.

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France Trampoline has several fixation systems on offer for your indoor or outdoor nets and sunbeds 

- Our galvanized steel pitons are available in two different sizes : 8 x 80 mm and 12 x 120 mm.

- 80 mm pitons have 45 mm threading (total length = 120 mm). We advise you to screw them in a t least 70 mm.

- 120 mm pitons have 65 mm threading (total length = 170 mm). We advise you to screw them in a t least 105 mm.

- The eyelet is closed, so your rope will not be able to slip out of the piton whilst using the net. The eyelet is polished inside and out to avoid damaging or even sectionning the rope once stretched.

- These pitons can be used on hard surfaces such as cement, brick or wood. They must not be used on plaster or plaster boards.

- To help you to screw the piton in, we recommend slipping another piton through the eyelet and turning it as you would a screw, or you can also use a screwdriver, this will be much easier if you need to screw pitons in around the whole diameter.

- We advise you to pre-drill holes into the surface before installing the pitons. This will help you to guide the piton in order to not damage the surface. We recommend placing the pitons every 150 mm to ensure that the net is well placed, improving tension and spreading the weight around the net once it is stretched.

- We also provide adapted wall plugs for the 80 mm and 120 mm pitons designed for cement walls. We also provide an installation guide that will be sent 48 h before receptionning your order.

Customer review

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From: Emilie. B
The: 2017-01-09 10:19:46

On avait au préalable pensé se procurer les pythons/chevilles en magasin traditionnel mais nous avons du repasser par France Trampo pour obtenir un produit de qualité.

From: Yann. G
The: 2017-01-05 16:23:26

tres bien

From: Jerome. M
The: 2017-01-04 19:19:44


From: Angelique. B
The: 2017-01-04 18:16:14


Show 1 - 4 of 4 reviews

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