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Trampoline park modules

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All of our solutions to equip your trampoline park! Do you have a trampoline park project? Call us!


    A trampoline park is made up of several modules or arenas that are entirely adaptable to your available surface. Depending on your available surface area and the specific activities you wish to include in your park, we can accompany you to set-up the perfect “made to measure” trampoline park, from the design and layout plan to the final installation.

    To provide you with a concrete idea, here is an example of a standard trampoline park of 1000 m². It is made up of the following modules:

    « Free jumping zone » : This module includes 21 horizontal trampolines available in 2 sizes to optimize your available space. It also includes 7 half-inclined/half-horizontal trampolines, 2 inclined trampolines and 2 corner trampolines.

    « Dodgeball » zone: Initially Dodgeball is a team game played in a school playground. A Dogeball module is divided into 2 parts so that 2 teams can play face to face. In our standard layout, the Dodgeball module includes 8 horizontal trampolines, 8 half-inclined/half-horizontal trampolines, and 4 corner trampolines.

    « Basketball » zone: This module includes 3 x 5 m long trampoline runways and 3 basketball hoops.

    « Foam pit » zone: A big foam pit filled up with foam blocks, installed at the end of 3 long runways allowing users to try out new jumps.

    « The Wall » zone: This module includes 2 « high-performance » trampolines and a wall allowing users to jump from the trampoline onto the edge of the wall or from the wall to the trampoline!

    Safety: All of our materials have been selected for their high-quality standards and their reliability. Our trampolines are made in Europe according to current European standards EN 1176, EN 13219, EN 913 and American standard ASTM F2970-13.

    Each jumping mat is bordered with thick horizontal (or vertical) frame pads. Jumpers can also be protected by safety nets.

    Our team is available to answer any of your questions or send you a customized quote. Contact us by email at contact@france-trampoline.com or by telephone on

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