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Multifunction PVC canvas

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Made to measure multifunction PVC canvases in mesh, multitramp or tarpaulin.


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    The multifunction PVC canvases that we provide are made out of mesh (Permatron) and Multitramp 362, 392, 492.

    - Multitramp canvases are extremely strain resistant over time. These canvases have diverse uses, they can be used for indoor spaces, playgrounds, swimming pools, jumping mats or even fishing and environment specialists.

    - The edges of these canvases are finished with high-frequency soldering for higher resistance to tearing. Around this edging we have added 17 mm stainless steel eyelets. Placed every 150 mm, they make attaching your canvas a lot easier and will allow you to distribute net tension.

    - These canvases are all protected against UV light and are perfectly adpated to boats, houses and other marine environments.

    - Mesh material (or Permatron) is a light canvas made of very tight netting that you will generally find on trampoline jumping mats or on sports catamarans.

    - The edges of the mesh are sewn with zigzag stitching for higher tearing resistance. Eyelets are also placed around this edge to be able to attach the canvas.

    - We can also provide other technical materials such as tarpaulin, which also has a UV light protection and is very resistant.

    - Tarpaulin is available in several colours : blue, gree, yellow, white or even black. These tarpaulins are used to cover swimming pools, trailers, for sports catamaran trampolines or to strengthen canvases.

    - A contact form will allow you to estimate the price with your measurements. A personnalized quote will then be sebt to you by email.

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    Available materials
    Mesh Multitramp 3921000dtex 820g/m² - Revêtement : PVC - Bordure : oeillets inox 17 mm - Sangle soudée
    Multitramp Mesh 4921000g/m² 1670dtex - PVC coating - Edge : 17 mm grommets - Welded strap
    Mesh PolypropylènePoids : 260 g/m² - Résistance : 325 kg/m² - Renfort : PVC - Oeillets : inox - Norme : EN ISO 11058
    PVC tarpaulinPoids : 900 g/m² - Résistance : 2 000 kg/m² - Norme : EN ISO 1421 - Couleurs : noir, blanc, jaune, vert, bleu, rouge
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