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Bâche multifonction

Multifunction tarpaulin


Product available upon request

You can find tarpaulins in your garden, on trailers, on farms, in a marine environment or in town. Our tarpaulins are available in different weights for your various uses.

- Tarpaulin has the advantage of being very resistant to bad weather conditions. The edges can be sewn or soldered depending on the way you wish to you use it. It is also available in several colours.

- Various types of border are also available. You can choose a bolt rope system with a corded hem, various diameters available, depending on the slider system it must be attached to or stainless steel eyelets, placed every every 150 m around the edge of the tarpaulin.

-We can also provide a border with a sleeve, which can be adapted to the tube which must be pushed through it. France Trampoline will adpat to all your specifications, as everything is made to measure.

- We manufacture your canvases based on your plans or old model, so they must be easy to exploit.

- You can use our tarpaulins in marine environments, as a boat cover, as a lorry tarpaulin or to protect your terrace or balconie with a guardrail.

- This is a light material, easy to handle and to tidy away. We market and deliver our products all over the worl, for private individuals and professionals.

- Manufacturing time is generally 2 to 3 weeks.

Data sheet

Net/mat features
Manufacturing time2 to 3 weeks
Free quoteYes
UseIndoors and outdoors
ManufacturingMade to measure, upon request
UV treatmentYes
Multitramp Mesh 362 (MT 362) features
Material1100dtex - 430 g/m² / PVC coating
AssemblyWith reinforcements if width over 2.65 m
Stainless steel eyeletsYes, 17 mm Ø
ColourColour choice : Black or white
EdgingHigh frequency welding with eyelets
NettingPlaited 2.5 x 1.5 mm
Distance between eyelets150 mm
Multitramp Mesh 392 (MT 392) features
Distance between eyelets17 mm
Stainless steel eyeletsYes, 17 mm Ø
Material1000dtex - 820 g/m² PVC coating
EdgingWelded straps + stitching + 900 g/m² reinforcement
AssemblyWith reinforcement if width over 1.80 m
NettingPlaited 3 x 3 mm
Multitramp Mesh 492 (MT 492) features
EdgingWelded strap + stitching + 900g/m² reinforcement strap
Stainless steel eyeletsYes, 17 mm Ø
Material1670dtex - 1 000 g/m² / PVC coating
AssemblyWith reinforcements if width over 1.80 m
NettingPlaited 6.5 x 7 mm
Permatron Mesh features
Distance between eyelets150 mm
Stainless steel eyeletsYes, 17 mm Ø
EdgingSewn with eyelets
NettingTight plait
Material270g/m² mesh / Permatron coating
AssemblyWith reinforcements if width over 1.80 m
Additional options
Worldwide deliveryYes
FixingsPossible to order fixings on line
Delivery information
Worldwide deliveryYes
Estimated delivery time2 to 4 working days
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