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Minimax Pro fitness trampoline with handrail

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Fitness trampolines for fitness professionals.



    The Minimax Pro fitness trampoline, made in Europe, has been designed for fitness professionals and gyms. It is very solid and made from quality materials, which combines endurance and performance.

    -The Minimax Pro has 34 elastics of 8 mm, perfect for flexible and dynamic bounces: impact is low and less traumatic for your joints.

    -The frame work is made from thermo-coated steel of 35 mm in diameter and 1.5 mm thickness. It is designed to be highly resistant: the Minimax Pro trampoline is ideal for gyms or fitness clubs.

    Its jumping pad has a diameter of 87 cm, which leaves a lot of room for movement and exercices. It is made from highly resistant polypropylene and is reinforced with 6 rows of stitches, making it tear-proof.

    -It is stabilised by 8 anti-slip feet and can withstand up to 75 kg in weight.

    -It has a handrail of 1 m in height, integrated to the trampoline, making it easier to use.

    The Minimax Pro is adapted to vigorous sports such as Ubound, rebounding or gentler sports such as trampo-Pilates. It can be intensively used for different sports: the Minimax Pro is great value for money.

    It can also be used by individuals at home who wish to exercice alone or with a personal trainer.

    Finally, thanks to elastics that allow flexible movements, the Minimax Pro is perfectly adapted to Pilates exercices or to muscle strengthening in the case of physiotherapy.

    Minimax Pro fitness trampoline with handrail
    Minimax Pro fitness trampoline with handrail

    Your complete fitness partner!

    So much more to offer than just a cardio workout! While stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, lightly jumping on the Minimax Pro tones muscles, loosens up your joints, and improves bone density. The Minimax Pro is the ultimate workout accessory!

    Minimax Pro fitness trampoline with handrail

    Protecting and preserving bone joints

    The traditional trampoline springs have been replaced by 8-mm diameter elastic cords for unparalleled comfort and suppleness, thereby protecting bone joints. Ideal for long-term physiotherapy care.

    Outer dimensions120 cm
    WaranteeFrame and mat: 1 year
    User weight limit75 kg
    Trampoline height30 cm
    Structure materialThermo-coated steel
    Steel frame diameter & thickness35 x 1,5 mm
    Jumping mat materialMesh 270 g/m²
    Springs34 elastic bands
    HandrailHeight 110 cm

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