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Filet d'habitation intérieur

Suspended house net

Product available upon resuest

Price from 51,65 € tax incl.

You need to fil a gap or have an empty space in your house? Create a suspended room, a peaceful and quiet space for relaxing moments !

The perfect solution is a suspended house net !

- Easy to set up and to take down, a suspended house net is light and will let light pass through into the rooms underneath. The concept of suspended house nets comes from multihull trampolines, the net that joins up both hulls. It is confortable to walk on and lie on.

- Very robust, the netting can withstand up to 200 kg/m² : several adults can stand on it without any danger.

- For optimal confort in a horizontal position, it is recommended to choose braided net: several types of netting are available depending on its place within your house and the use. For example, if you have children, we recommend smaller netting, more confortable for little feet and will avod small object s from falling through.

- If you have a skylight, we recommend using wider netting to favour natural lighting underneath the net.

- Nonetheless it it is important to note that these nets must not be used as trampolines. Even if it is tempting to jump on the net we formally advise against it : the attachments fixed into the supporting frame could come undone !

- Your suspended net will transform into aa  genuine cocoon for naps and relaxing moments !

- We manufacture made to measure nets. Therefore a plan with exact measuremetnts will be required to provide you with a perfectly adapted net.

- Don't hesitate to use our form to receive an price estimation for your net. A quote will be sent to you quickly by email.

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Data sheet

Net/mat features
Manufacturing time2 to 3 weeks
Free quoteYes
ManufacturingMade to measure, upon request
Résistance100 kg/m² avec un maximum de 400 kg pour les filets supérieurs à 4 m².
Délai de livraison2 to 4 days
UV treatmentYes
Net F5050N features
Material530g/m² polyamide
EdgingBolt rope with 10 mm end
NettingKnotted 50 x 50 mm
Thread diameter4.75 mm
Required positionVertical
Net F5050T features
Material400g/m² Polypropylene
Thread diameter6 mm
Required positionVertical
EdgingBolt rope with 10 mm end
ColorColor choice : Black or white
NettingPlaited 50 x 50 mm
Net F3030T features
Thread diameter4 mm
Required positionHorizontal
NettingPlaited 30 x 30 mm
EdgingBolt rope with 10 mm end
Material475g/m² Polyester
Net F6060N features
EdgingBolt rope with 12 mm end
Required positionVertical
Thread diameter2.5 mm
NettingKnotted 60 x 60 mm
Material530g/m² Polyamide
Net F1313T features
Required positionHorizontal
EdgingBolt rope with 12 mm end
Thread diameter2.5 mm
NettingPlaited 13 x 13 mm
Material700g/m² Polyester
Additional options
Worldwide deliveryYes
FixingsPossible to order fixings on line
Tensioning ropePossible to order rope online (sold by the meter)

Customer review

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From: Brice. L
The: 2017-09-05 18:25:49

Parfait, parait un peu court au début mais reviens après 2 tensions

From: Yoann. S
The: 2017-09-05 17:44:34

Le filet est de bonne qualité, la taille fournie est bien adaptée, rien à redire.

From: Claire. C
The: 2017-08-30 20:48:42

Très bon produit, rien à dire.

Show 1 - 3 of 3 reviews

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