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Câble inox diam. 6 mm

6 mm stainless steel wire rope


In stock

5,70 € VAT incl.

Whether it is for an exterior or interior guard rail, for a terrace or a staircase, France Trampoline can provide a 6 mm in diameter wire rope that can be fixed to a rigging screw and terminal (sold separately).

- This 6 mm wire rope is an easy to install solution and will offer an aesthetic finish.

- It is made up of 7 strands of 7 threads each making the rope supple and easy to manipulate.

- The wire rope, as well as its suppleness, has a high breaking load of over 2 tons.

- To fix the wire rope, first of all you must fit the rope into the rigging screw and tighten the swage. Then you insert the terminal on the opposite end of the wire rope and once again you tighten the swage. Once both ends are equipped attach the rigging screw and terminal onto fixings on both supporting structures and tighten the wire rope.

- The rigging screw and terminal are fixed directly onto pitons or deck plates. Check out our range of fixations.

- For horizontal suspended house nets, we advise using a 10 mm wire rope.

Customer review

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From: Gabrielle. L
The: 2017-11-28 11:10:03

le cable inox est de bonne qualité, mais nous avons eu du mal à le poser avec le ridoir

Show 1 - 1 of 1 review

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