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Outdoor Sunbed net

In stock

Sunbed nets for private individuals and professionals available in various materials.


Price from 279,00 €

    The Sunbed net or outdoor net is a stretched net placed on a wooden or metallic frame, the size of a single, double or even triple bed, stretched horizontally outside.

    - Generally, they are placed above lagoons, the sea, in a forest or in luxury hotels. This outdoors net can also be adapted to your home !

    - You can either create this space at home above your lawn, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, for a moment of peace, suspended above your garden.

    - The Sunbed is an original concept which will delight anyone who tries it. Easy to put up or to take down, it is comfortable, safe and original. 

    - As it is placed in a horizontal position, we recommend using braided netting, as it will be more comfortable to walk on or to lie down on.

    - The net is adaptable and multi-functional, it is made-to-measure, which is why we ask you for the exact measurements of the space that needs filling.

    - To contact us, fill in your contact details and we will send you a quote that corresponds to the measurements you send us. A personalised quote for the overall product can then be send by email.

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