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Family hammock Flora

In stock

Family hammock that can hold up to three people and requires an installation space of 360cm. 



    Enjoy a moment of relaxation in your own hammock is great, but enjoy as a family is even better! This is possible thanks to the giant Flora hammock! This large hammock can hold up to 3 people with its 180 cm width and 400 cm length. Available in 4 colours (chocolate, red, purple and lagoon) with elegant motifs, this hammock will brighten up the whole family.

    This Columbian hammock is made out of 100% organic cotton. The choice of this cotton as the manufacturing material is not random. Its properties are perfectly suited to the use of a hammock: it is extremely soft and pleasant to touch, it does not fluff even if there are clothes rub on the fabric, and it’s easy to maintain. Your hammock is tear-proof guaranteed, and you can put it straight the washing machine on a 30° cycle or simply hand wash it. Your hammock will last for a long time and stay as good as new!

    To maintain the hammock there are many suspension cords, that are hand braided in a Cadejo style, optimising the robustness of your hammock. These braids will also stop your hammock from deforming over time, offering you an unparalleled weightlessness to rock you in your dreams. The many cords allow for an even distribution of weight across the hammock.

    Let your whole family enjoy nap together on the Flora hammock.

    GS TUV Rheinland
    Mobilier / Décoration
    Dimensions260 x 180 cm
    Poids max.200 kg
    Matière100 % coton biologique
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