Trampoline Roof

You've set up a trampoline with safety enclosure in your garden and wish to take advantage of the summer with some peace of mind? France Trampoline makes available a protective trampoline roof adapted to your specific trampoline model.

Stay out of the sun with our trampoline roofs

Once positioned at the top of your safety enclosure, it completely covers and completes your trampoline. A roof comes in handy if you own trees that are close to your home and do not wish to sweep leaves off your trampoline prior to using it each time. Your children can then have fun while jumping in the shade. Even light rainfalls won't deter them from playing on the jumping mat! During very sunny days, the thick roof material provides shade over the mat, protecting the young ones from sunburns and even sun poisoning.

Be imaginative with our trampoline roofs and turn your installation into a garden hut for your children. The trampoline turns into an extremely amusing play area!

A trampoline protection roof with many advantages

The trampoline is primarily an outdoor activity. You are therefore likely to run into bad weather that prevents you from enjoying your trampoline, either alone or with family and friends. Adding a trampoline roof above your play area brings you a certain peace of mind.

Our roofs, designed for trampolines equipped with safety enclosures, protect jumpers in the event of light rain showers. It also keeps leaves from falling on the jumping mat. Hot, sunny days are no longer a hindrance to jumping thanks to the thick, resistant material of the tarpaulin. The trampoline protective roof creates a shady area for your children to have some safe summer fun.

Turn your trampoline into a playhouse for your children

Greatly appreciated by thrill-seekers, the trampoline is a stimulating, playful leisure activity for children. They love bouncing around on the jumping mat for hours at a time. The trampoline roof is a popular favorite among the young, since they can spend more time performing jumps and figures. You may even use this accessory to turn your trampoline into a playhouse. Your children will love the novelty and will find new ways to have outdoor fun with their friends. They'll have fun all year round and in complete safety in your garden!

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