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Rectangular trampolines

APOLLO range : Trampolines sought after by skiers, surfers and freestylers. Its rectangular shape provides a great jumping area to try out new jumps and its long springs will allow you reach great heights.

Feel the winds of freedom with our rectangular trampolines

Spend some quality time with family and friends with our rectangular trampolines. A fun leisure activity as well as a thrilling sport, the trampoline is increasingly popular today. France Trampoline makes available top-quality models to install in your garden. You'll feel the same sense of freedom at home as you would in a fitness center or playground. Our trampolines comply with the European safety standards to guarantee safe usage. Children and adults will thus be able to perform series of figures and jumps in a risk-free environment.

The large jumping mat allows thrill-seekers to perform complex sequences of figures. Our rectangular trampolines are particularly suited to intensive use because of their large jumping mat and very reactive springs. Your jumps will be all the more dynamic and powerful.

Very powerful outdoor rectangular trampolines

As experts in our field, we offer you high-quality outdoor rectangular trampolines. We have designed a steel structure without any welded parts for enhanced robustness. The installation may therefore withstand the weight of an adult so that everyone can have fun in optimal conditions. In the winter months, or even in the rainy season, you may leave your trampoline outside as it is rust-proof. Adapted protective covers may also be purchased.

Practice this outdoor activity year-round and enjoy quality time with your family. Our rectangular trampolines with safety enclosures are equipped with large springs and a reinforced jumping mat to provide you with dynamic bounces. You'll be performing jumps and figures in no time, creating unforgettable moments of fun.

A shape particularly suited to athletes

An outdoor game for children, the trampoline is a playful way to burn off energy while practicing coordination and balance. It is also an ideal piece of equipment for sports buffs looking to get a stimulating workout, toning muscles and improving their breathing.

The rectangular trampoline stands out when it comes to its large jumping mat, allowing for complex sequences of figures. The risk of injury is greatly reduced thanks to protection pads positioned all around the mat, which cushion any awkward landings. The security of the trampoline is further reinforced by the tightly-woven mesh of the safety enclosure, which keeps jumpers from falling off the trampoline, and having children get their fingers caught in the net.

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    Rectangular Apollo Sport 300 trampoline with safety enclosure. Designed for athletic children and thrill-loving teens seeking to perform dynamic jumps and figures.

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  • Pre-order

    Apollo Square 300 trampoline with safety enclosure. Dynamic garden trampoline for sports-oriented kids and thrill-seeking teens.

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  • Pre-order

    Rectangular Apollo Sport 400 trampoline with safety enclosure. Designed for freestyle-loving teens and adults. This high-end trampoline is built to last for many years.

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    Large rectangular leisure trampoline measuring 524 cm in length. Its large jumping area provides athletes and sports-loving teens and adults with intensive workout sessions.

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    Rectangular Apollo Sport 300 trampoline Pack, with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, protective cover, and anchoring kit. The ideal trampoline for young athletes!

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    695,50 € 66242€
  • Pre-order

    Discover the Apollo Square 300, the square trampoline for teens and sports buffs, available in an all-inclusive pack to have it last for years! This pack contains the Apollo Square 300 trampoline, safety enclosure, step-ladder, anchoring kit, and protective cover.

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    803,83 € 76241€
  • Pre-order

    Rectangular Apollo Sport 400 trampoline, with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, protective cover, and anchoring kit. Designed for athletes and freestyle fans.

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    987,17 € 93742€
  • Pre-order

    Rectangular Apollo Sport 500 trampoline Pack with safety enclosure, including step-ladder, cover, and anchoring kit. The ideal partner for athetes and free-style fans!

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    1 170,50 € 1 11242€

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