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Ninja line course

Organize an outdoor activity for the whole family with our ninja slackline! This installation is hung between two trees or posts in your garden or in a park. Your children will be able to try and get through this obstacle course as quickly as possible.

Take the ninja slackline challenge

Join in on the fun! The robustness of this equipment lets adults have as much fun as the kids!

The hanging slackline has a number of holes in which to clip on the gymnastic apparatus. Space them apart to up the challenge! France Trampoline supplies a number of different types of elements to let you customize your obstacle course and change it around at will. We supply ladders, ropes, bars, rings, and more. For the safety of younger users, install a second line a few centimeters above the ground for them to walk on. The children's ninja slackline provides hours of original, outdoor playtime fun!

A thrilling obstacle course for children

This ninja slackline obstacle course for children tests their balance and dexterity with a number of hanging apparatus. It represents a stimulating challenge for thrill-seekers, with several obstacles to overcome. Your children and their friends can race one another and become real obstacle pros. And to keep them interested, the different accessories may be quickly clipped and unclipped thanks to their snap hooks. This way, you may modify the obstacle course at will!

Our ninja slackline is to be hung between two trees, then equipped with the apparatus. Another slackline is hung below the first one, just above the ground. This lets children keep their balance while safely completing the obstacle course.

Overcome all the obstacles in this obstacle course

Your children will think that they are truly ninjas with this completely modulable obstacle course. France Trampoline recommends that you install bars, rings, nets, ladders, ropes, monkey fists, and trapezes to bring variety to the game. The more your children play with the slackline, the easier it will become for them. Make the obstacle course increasingly more difficult as time goes on to keep them interested!

This children's obstacle course is also designed for teens and adults looking to play a fun, stimulating outdoor game. The robustness of the lines, fixations, and apparatus will provide you with moments of quality family time on sunny afternoons. If your garden is too small... not to worry! The ninja slackline is lightweight and may be easily transported and set up wherever you happen to be outdoors.

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    Suspended obstacle course for children and adults. 

  • En stock

    Our young adventurers can now face the challenge of this obstacle course, thanks to our 15m Ninjaline, made up of 2 slacklines. An athletic and fun animation for our eager, outdoor, youngsters.

    133,17 € 12492€
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    This Ninja Max Pack includes: a ninja obstacle course + slackline, and 14 obstacles: 3 trapeze bars, 4 monkey fists, 3 rings, 1 hanging wheel, 1 rope ladder, 1 climbing net, and 1 climbing rope.

    266,33 € 23325€
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    This Slackline initiation kit with handrail is ideal for all beginners wishing to improve their balance.

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    This obstacle course is entirely modular, including its length. Simply set it up between 2 trees that are up to 25m apart. This obstacle course is suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age.

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    Thrill-seeking adventurers will love the challenges of this Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline. This kit contains 2 slacklines and several obstacle components to hang on the upper line. Modify your obstacle course from time to time, and even extend the length of the slackline up to 25m.

    191,50 € 18325€
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    his Ninja Max pack includes: a ninja + slackline course as well as 16 obstacles: 4 trapezes, 4 rope balls, 4 rings, 1 hanging wheel, 1 rope ladder, 1 climbing net and a climbing rope. The course is adjustable in length, to be hung between 2 trees 25m apart maximum.

    324,67 € 29158€

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