Net Fixations for Trampoline

A necessary part in the safe practice of the trampoline, the safety enclosure must be correctly attached to the jumping mat and tensioned between the net posts. To do so, adapted trampoline net fixations are required.

Firmly attach your net with our trampoline net fixations

 These parts ensure that the lower part of the net is fastened so that there is no gap between the protection pad and the net. The gap therefore remains closed and prevents children from getting a hand or foot stuck in it. If your hooks are damaged or worn out after several years of use, you may easily change them with plastic or metal snap hooks that are identical to the ones originally supplied by France Trampoline with its original model.

Our galvanized steel U-shaped screws are designed to keep the safety net in place on the net posts surrounding the framework. In the event of damaged trampoline fixations, it is important to replace them quickly to ensure the net's optimal working condition.

A number of trampoline net fixation accessories

We supply various spare parts to fasten your trampoline to your safety enclosure, thereby allowing everyone to have fun in optimal conditions. Users of all ages remain safe while performing jumps and figures with the safety enclosure solidly attached to the net posts and frame. It is recommended that you regularly check the condition of your installation. In the event that your trampoline fixation accessories show signs of wear, replace them with France Trampoline's spare parts.

Our packs of snap hooks or hooks secure the net to the protection pad. Made of plastic or metal, they fix the frame underneath the jumping mat to the lower part of the net. Another alternative is the reinforcement strap. It is very easy to install and is as sturdy as the hooks.

Change your net and net-post fixations quickly and easily

Our trampoline net fixations also include spare parts required to fasten the net to the net posts and legs of the structure. Once these parts are securely in place, the safety enclosure acts as a protective barrier preventing the trampoline users from falling off the jumping mat and injuring themselves.

To optimally maintain your net, France Trampoline supplies packs of U-shaped screws to replace your worn-out screws. If the other fixation parts are also worn out, we also supply packs of complete mounting brackets that include U-shaped screws, nuts, a spacer, and safety caps.

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