Discover our straps for the Ninja Line and slackline, the ideal equipment for creating an unbelievable obstacle course in your garden! Install your strap between two trees and enjoy a sporty, fun garden game with many accessories sold separately, to delight both small and tall acrobats!

Test your balance and try the Slackline!

This Californian activity, consisting of walking on a strap, arrived in France in the early 2000s and quickly became a very popular outdoor game among adults and children. It can withstand up to 110 kg (242lbs), so that the whole family can enjoy this fun, physical outdoor activity! In addition to being a very dynamic garden game, the slackline is a good way to stimulate one’s concentration and is an excellent way to prepare for other sports like rock climbing, surfing, and even snowboarding!

Take the Ninja Line challenge!

Enjoy this great obstacle course in your own garden: the Ninja Line! Dynamic and amusing, this outdoor game is based on the well-known Ninja Warrior TV show and suitable for the whole family. France Trampoline lets you transform your slackline into a home Ninja Line with a number of accessories: bars, rings, climbing nets, climbing ropes, and trapezes, all sorts of apparatuses to discover and vary the fun and enjoyment.

A garden game for everyone!

Discover the slackline equipment suitable for all levels: from the learner’s kit to the 25 m long (82ft) strap, take the challenge, with family or friends, and experience a unique and intense activity! Equipped with an adjustable ratchet strap, the slackline can be installed and uninstalled in 5 minutes, and is easy to transport to take the fun with you: in your garden, at friends’, or in a park or vacation home.

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    This complete slackline kit includes a 15m long slackline strap, a rachet for tightening the strap, two tree protectors to be placed between the strapping and the trees to avoid damaging them, and a transport bag.

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    Suspended obstacle course for children and adults. 

    129,90 € 8990€
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    Our young adventurers can now face the challenge of this obstacle course, thanks to our 15m Ninjaline, made up of 2 slacklines. An athletic and fun animation for our eager, outdoor, youngsters.

    174,90 € 11990€
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    This Ninja Max Pack includes: a ninja obstacle course + slackline, and 14 obstacles: 3 trapeze bars, 4 monkey fists, 3 rings, 1 hanging wheel, 1 rope ladder, 1 climbing net, and 1 climbing rope.

    299,90 € 19490€
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    This 25m-long Slackline strap is to be installed between two trees. Easy to transport for versatile use. It lets you practice your balance safely. Suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age.

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    This obstacle course is entirely modular, including its length. Simply set it up between 2 trees that are up to 25m apart. This obstacle course is suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age.

    189,90 € 13990€
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    Thrill-seeking adventurers will love the challenges of this Ninja XL obstacle course + Slackline. This kit contains 2 slacklines and several obstacle components to hang on the upper line. Modify your obstacle course from time to time, and even extend the length of the slackline up to 25m.

    254,80 € 18990€
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    his Ninja Max pack includes: a ninja + slackline course as well as 16 obstacles: 4 trapezes, 4 rope balls, 4 rings, 1 hanging wheel, 1 rope ladder, 1 climbing net and a climbing rope. The course is adjustable in length, to be hung between 2 trees 25m apart maximum.

    384,40 € 24990€
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    This Slackline initiation kit with handrail is ideal for all beginners wishing to improve their balance.

    99,90 € 4995€
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    Climbing rope with footholds to accessorise your Ninja adventure kit or simply a tree.

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    New : the hanging wheel is a brand-new obstacle to complete your Ninjaline

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    Add a large cargo net to your Ninja slackline adventure, easily and safely attached thanks to the 5 carabiners.

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    Rope ladder for your Ninja adventure set, can you complete the adventure!

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    Additional accessory for your Ninja slackline, this suspended ring is sold separately.

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    Monkey fist accessory for Ninja slackline.

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    Trapeze to complete your Ninja obstacle course

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    Transform your slackline into an obstacle course with our slackline obstacle hooks. Suitable for 5-cm-wide textile straps, they allow you to hang Ninja obstacle course accessories to create a fabulous play area

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    Enjoy a versatile and fun garden game by using our 15m and 25m slackline pulleys: Fun and easy to install, it allows you to transform a slackline into a garden zipline in 5 minutes. Suitable for adults and children from 6 years old.

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