Trampoline cover

France Trampoline has a wide range of accessories to ensure you comfort and safety on your trampoline. The protective tarpaulins are adapted to all our ranges of trampolines and allow you to use your trampoline all year long.

Protect your outdoor trampoline all year long with a trampoline cover

The trampoline is a very popular outdoor summertime activity. To keep your installation in mint condition, opt for a trampoline cover. Placed over the fabric components of your trampoline, like the jumping mat and the protection pads, it protects your trampoline from getting dirty or damaged when not in use. This way you may keep your trampoline outdoors all year-round so as not to take up all the room in your garage. In addition to keeping your trampoline protected from the cold in winter, you also protect it from leaves and twigs that may fall on the jumping mat.

We make available a wide range of trampoline protective covers so that you may choose the right one for your trampoline model. They are available in round, oval, or rectangular shapes. The tarpaulin is an ideal accessory for maintaining your trampoline in optimal conditions for many years.

A high quality, resistant trampoline protective cover

France Trampoline puts its many years of experience in to designing high quality trampoline protective tarpaulins that comply with the current standards. Made of PVC, they are waterproof and are equipped with a drainage system so that water will not stagnate on the trampoline jumping mat and weaken spring tension. They are also UV-resistant and so may be used in the warm summer months whenever the trampoline is not in use.

Whatever the season, you may keep your installation outdoors all year long without having to worry about it being subject to wear. Using a trampoline cover prolongs the jumping mat's and protection pads' shelf life significantly.

A wide selection of covers adapted to your trampoline

Trampoline protective tarpaulins are very useful for protecting your installation from bad weather and dirt, such as leaves and pollen that may fall from trees close by. We make available a wide range of covers adapted to our trampoline models or to models of similar sizes.

They are placed over the mat and pads of your trampoline and are attached below the trampoline with elastic bands, hooks, straps, or snap hooks depending on the shape of the cover. You may quickly and easily remove the tarpaulin to perform jumps and figures alone or with the family on a jumping mat that will remain clean all year-round.

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