Basketball on Trampoline

Always full of energy, children love to play new games. Playing basketball on a trampoline is a new, surprising way to play outdoors. In addition to jumping or performing figures on the jumping mat, they can shoot hoops with the foam ball.

Organize bouncing games with trampoline basketball

Have a great new experience with trampoline basketball! The trampoline is an outdoor activity that is both fun and sporty, providing a sense of freedom. People of all ages can enjoy jumps and figures in the comfort of their own garden. Children particularly like to bounce around and burn off energy. By setting up games inside the trampoline's enclosure, you'll be sure to keep the attention of your young ones. They won't get bored with bouncing while playing with foam basketballs.

France Trampoline offers a safe, enclosed space in which to play this sport. Our accessories let you play basketball on a trampoline in good conditions, without any risk of injury. The balls are small and lightweight. As for the basketball hoop, it is adapted to the height of the trampoline, as well as the height of the users.

Trampoline basketball: a dynamic activity for your children

This activity lets them develop their coordination, balance, and concentration. Sports fans will enjoy performing acrobatic figures while playing, just like professional basketball players.

Trampoline basketball may be played alone or in pairs, dependiing on the size of your trampoline. So why wait? Organize a basketball game! Your children are protected by the protection pad and safety enclosure surrounding the jumping mat.

Basketball hoops adapted to trampoline use

Our trampoline basketball accessories are designed to be used inside your installation and not endanger the players. The materials chosen are soft and sturdy. Once hung up with straps, our basketball hoops remain firmly in place and do not get in the way of any jumpers.

They are waterproof, and so may be left outdoors during a rainfall. Small and lightweight, our foam balls are easy for children to use, and prevent any risk of injury. Please remember to choose your trampoline basketball hoop based on the age of your future players.

Finally, please note that all our accessories are adaptable to all other brands of trampolines.

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