Trampoline Enclosure

Before ordering the missing elements on your enclosure, we recommend checking the measurements of each component to make sure that they are adapted to your trampoline.

Jump in complete safety with the trampoline net

Practicing a fun, exciting activity has never been easier with the trampoline! A trampoline net around the jumping mat allows users to be completely safe when jumping and performing figures. It is imperative to check the condition of the net before using the trampoline.

To do so, check to make sure it does not have any holes or tears, and that it is firmly fastened to the net posts and the structure. The net, made of sturdy, supple mesh, serves as a barrier and minimizes any risk of injury in the event of a bad fall. The tightly-woven mesh prevents children from getting their fingers caught in it while playing.

The spare trampoline net supplied by France Trampoline are identical to the one originally delivered with your installation. Their height is designed to fit your trampoline model and provide you with protection while jumping. Access to the jumping mat is made easy thanks to a zipped opening.

The importance of a trampoline net in good shape

Both a sport and a thrilling game, trampoline precautionary measures need to be taken to ensure fun, risk-free sessions. Trampoline nets gently absorb any falls a user may take. They are therefore a must-have, whatever your age or use of your trampoline. Children, being particularly vulnerable, must perform jumps and figures in an enclosed area and under adult supervision.

A damaged safety net loses its tension and usefullness if not rapidly replaced. Remember to routinely check your net, both at the top and bottom. If you observe a tear or hole, our trampoline nets allow you to replace the damaged part while keeping your original framework, fixations, and net posts.

Choosing a trampoline net

Based on the model of your trampoline, the net will have a different height to offer the best possible protection to users. It must correspond to the diameter and shape of your model. Check to be sure that your new net is compatible with the parts that hold it in place. Our spare textile nets are not sold with any other parts of the safety enclosure (net fixings, mounting brackets, and so on). Your new net needs to be installed on the net posts already in place that supported your old net. Once the net has been replaced, you and your children will be able to start performing jumps and figures again!

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