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Trampoline fixation

A trampoline anchoring kit is useful to keep your installation in place. It prevents the trampoline from moving due to strong winds, intensive use, or children playing energetically around it.

Solidly anchor your structure with a trampoline anchoring kit

The trampoline is a popular activity for the whole family. Both stimulating and playful, it fits nicely in your garden and may remain outdoors year-round. This anchoring system is particularly handy if you live in an area subject to strong winds. The hooked rods and straps anchor the steel structure firmly to the ground. You may also add extra weight with ballast bags.

Transform your above-ground trampoline into an in-ground one with our in-ground trampoline anchoring kits.No need to purchase another model! With these kits, you place your trampoline frame above a hole dug in the ground. The steel components stand up to cold, heat, and humidity, for a long-lasting installation.

A sturdy trampoline anchoring kit

Once your trampoline is set up in your garden, it must hold up in all sorts of weather. You wouldn't want to see it move or blow away in strong winds. France Trampoline supplies trampoline anchoring kits adapted to its size and shape. Wind-resistance is important because of the safety nets, and even larger, heavier-model trampolines require precautionary measures. These kits greatly reduce the risk of having your trampoline blown away by strong gusts of wind.

The hooked rods and straps of our anchoring kits firmly anchor your play area to the ground. Ballast bags are also available among our line of trampoline fixations, for additional weight. They may be filled with sand or even water because they are seamless. Their Velcro strap makes it easy to fasten them to the legs of your trampoline.

Transform your trampoline into an in-ground trampoline

Our trampoline anchoring kits not only maintain your installation firmly on the ground with robust, secure systems, but also transform a classic model into an in-ground trampoline.

These more discrete trampolines are the ideal solution if you plan on keeping your installation in the same place for several years. Our in-ground kits include sturdy steel parts and a protective skirt that conceals the trampoline legs. This way, your outdoor play area won't interfere with the layout of your garden!

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