Find all of your indispensable trampoline accessories here ! Whether to protect your trampoline or to make it safer, you will find everything you need in our accessories !

It is important to make sure that your trampoline is set up in a secure environment so that you can use it safely.

Enclosure, ladder, safety skirt, anchoring kit, roof, we have thought of everything to ensure maximum safety and solidity. All of our products have been designed in accordance with European standards and are regularly tested

Make sure your trampoline is fully equipped !

We provide recreational accessories so that you can make the most of your trampoline. All of these accessories can be used on your trampoline and will thrill children of all ages.

Hours of fun and games await with the trampofootball, tramposcratch, juggling balls and fun balls !

You will be able to buy giant chalk sticks, rhythmic gymnastic ribbons, freestyle boards and skis for new sporting and artistic experiences !

Discover the accessories that will transform your trampoline experience

As trampoline experts since 1971, our know-how has come to encompass trampoline accessories of all kinds. They will add variety to your trampoline sessions, whether intensive or occasional, guaranteeing you greater safety and new experiences.

Enjoyed by jumpers of all ages, the trampoline is increasingly making its way into gardens of private residences. It is no longer necessary to go to a gym or playground to experience the feeling of freedom it procures. France Trampoline makes available high-end models, both efficient and secure. Available in various shapes, they will allow the whole family to perform dynamic jumps and complex figures.

For greater comfort when using your trampoline, a variety of trampoline accessories are available. Thse acceessories comprise additional options to secure your installation, and therefore avoid any potential incidents, as well as a number of trampoline games to enjoy some real family fun.

Maintain your trampoline with compatible accessories

Enjoy memorable moments with our robust, efficient trampolines, the result of our French know-how. Our trampoline accessories help you preserve your outdoor installation in optimal conditions, year after year.

Our protective covers are used over the jumping mat to protect it from outdoor elements such as dust, dead leaves, and bad weather conditions. Useful all year-round, these covers are waterproof and treated against UV rays.

Need to anchor your trampoline to the ground to protect it from strong winds? Our anchoring kits maintain your trampoline legs firmly on the ground using four straps and screws, thereby firmly retaining the legs and galvanized steel frame.

To secure the users' getting on and off the mat, opt for a very practical trampoline accessory - a removable step-ladder. Set this ladder up within seconds, and remove it just as easily. It will allow you to control young children's access to the jumping mat.

Compatible trampoline accessories for continual enjoyment

The trampoline presents the perfect opportunity to carry out jumps, figures, and more! Our accessories for trampolines include a selection of games to play alone or in a group. Your children will not get bored with our playful, surprising accessories. Whether they like to play football or basketball, our foam balls, basketball hoops, and other sports nets will keep them amused for hours. Additionally, these fun, creative activities will help them develop a greater sense of balance.

For even more thrills, we also make available boards that have been specially designed for the jumping mat. Discovering or re-discovering the joys of snowboarding, skateboarding, and freestyle skiing has never been easier!

You may also enhance your trampoline with accessories that are designed to test your skills. Juggling balls, target games, foam dice, and diabolo toys will all contribute to hours of family fun.

Easily equip your trampoline with our accessories

Our trampoline accessories also include components that are positioned above or below your installation. For instance, our trampoline roofs are installed at the top of the safety net to provide shade to jumpers on hot summer days.

Keep children and house pets from gaining access beneath the trampoline with our protection skirts. These skirts are also equipped with pockets to keep items like mobile phones or keys from lying on the ground near the trampoline.

Feel like transforming your outdoor game into a completely different installation? We offer tents that you can install above your jumping mat to let your children camp out in their own garden!

France Trampoline also makes available trampoline spare parts so that our models continue to maintain high-end quality characteristics and last a long time.

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