Zipline & 15m Ninjaline

Double the fun with the incredible XL Adventure Pack! Enjoy its Tyrolean traverse and its impressive 25 metre Ninja + Slackline course, for hours and hours of outdoor fun!

The best garden games in one XL package!

Experience great sunny days with this incredible fun and sporty Adventure Pack. Designed for adults and teenagers, its 28 or 45 metre long Tyrolean traverse will allow you to experience maximum thrills in complete safety! Fully adjustable, its 25-metre Ninja Course will satisfy even the most seasoned gamers in search of extreme and dynamic sensations: spinning apples, fixed bars, rings, not forgetting its incredible Slackline which requires unparalleled agility and balance!

Beware, these outdoor games require a more or less important distance in your garden. Make sure that there is a maximum distance of 28 or 45 metres between 2 trees for your Tyrolean traverse and a maximum of 25 metres for your Ninja + Slackline course.

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