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Select the type of spare part you are looking for in the filter, then select the correct criteria to find the spare part compatible with your trampoline. Our spare parts are compatible with all brands !

Maintain your installation with our trampoline spare parts

Since 1971, France Trampoline has applied its experience and know-how in the manufacturing of efficient, safe trampolines. Eager to offer you an incomparable experience, we supply trampoline spare parts. Each trampoline component is key, but they don't all wear out simultaneously. Effortlessly keep your outdoor installation in mint condition by changing the worn or damaged parts.

Bouncers of all ages will be able to practice a fun, thrilling activity. Whether it is used occasionally or intensively, your installation needs systematic maintenance checks and tune-ups. Whether you need a trampoline spare part, like a steel circular frame arc, a safety enclosure, or a stand-alone trampoline including a jumping mat and protection pad, we supply a wide range of spare parts.

Keep your installation as good as new with our trampoline spare parts

The trampoline jumping mat, without the frame and safety enclosure, is the most fragile component of all, and is likely to wear out or become damaged with time. To keep your jumping sessions going strong, be sure to select a replacement mat that is compatible with your model. This trampoline spare part is identical to the one that equips our complete models and is therefore compatible. In addition to temporary discomfort a damaged mat may cause to jumpers, it also represents a potential danger to them.

The protecion pads contribute to protecting the jumping area, and so must also be replaced when they wear out. They are adapted to the diameter of the mat and protect the springs that hold it up. Change the colors and appearance of your installation with our trampoline spare parts, and continue to perfom dynamic jumps and figures with our spare spring packs!

Safety first: change the worn-out parts of your safety enclosure

France Trampoline offers you the means to benefit from your trampoline in optimal safety conditions thanks to its high-quality safety enclosures. Our trampoline spare parts include all the necessary components to change a damaged enclosure. It is not recommended that you use a trampoline if you have misplaced a fixation part, a cap, a screw, a mounting bracket, or any other part that is used to maintain the net. This is why we sell these parts separately.

Bad weather conditions or prolonged use may damage the safety net, an essential part of the trampoline that protects users from injury. For that matter, to ensure the safety of the youngest users, it is important that the net's mesh does not have any tears or holes in which children could snag their fingers. It is also necessary to change it before using the trampoline again with family and friends. Find our nets in different shapes and sizes among our trampoline spare parts.

Spare parts for your trampoline frame

In the event that your trampoline's steel frame is damaged, the stability of the entire installation is compromised. To avoid an accident during your trampoline sessions, we supply trampoline spare parts such as circular frame arcs, joining parts, and trampoline legs. Choose spare parts that are compatible with the model in your garden.

If one or more parts of your trampoline need replacing, but your safety enclosure is still in good working order, consider a stand-alone trampoline. This trampoline spare part includes the entire structure, including the legs, around the jumping mat. The protection pad covers the springs that provide for dynamic jumps. You'll be able to have fun and work out in complete security in an installation that will be as good as new!

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