Fun Arena

France Trampoline proudly presents the multisports terrain, an inventive, multi-purpose installation for sports buffs of all ages. This game arena is completely enclosed on a steel structure surrounded by bouncy nets. These nets keep the balls inside the terrain and prevent incidents in your garden, (like broken windows!).

Have more fun than ever with our multisports terrain

For easy access, this installation has two entry ways with zipped openings. This way the whole family will enjoy outdoor activities and a lot of quality family time together.

The accessories supplied with the arena allow users to play five different sports: basketball, football, tennis, handball, and volleyball. This outdoor multisports game comes with a removable central net. According to the height at which you install the net, you may play one activity or another, such as tennis or volleyball. Up to six players may use the arena at one time, for afternoons of fun with friends and family!

An outdoor multisports game to set up at home

Do you and your children love getting out in the fresh air and playing different sports? Our self-assembled mini sports terrains are ideal for having fun together right in the comfort of your own home. Set up in the garden, this multi-purpose play area is only a few steps away from your back door. France Trampoline supplies you with a complete installation, including a steel frame, a set of bouncy nets, football goal nets and targets, and basketball hoops.

If you set up the central net, you can play either volleyball or tennis, with the appropriate accessories. The large size of this multisports terrain provides a large place to play in complete safety.

A mini-sports terrain for the whole family

This outdoor multisports arena for children and adults is the ideal place to share quality family moments playing football or basketball. The substantial height of the structure ensures a safe play area for all. With the different sports equipment available at the same time, it is easy to change activities quickly and never get bored playing any one sport.

Keep your multisports terrain outdoors all summer long! Enjoy many afternoons of fun with family and friends.

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    The Fun Arena, the compact, multi-purpose family sports arena designed by France Trampoline! A safe, outdoor game arena for children from the age of 3 and teens, allows them to play a variety of ball games and sports.

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    Discover the Fun Arena Premium, the compact, multi-purpose game arena designed by France Trampoline! This safe, outdoor game arena for children from the age of 3 and teens, allows them to play 5 different sports! This enclosed play area is also equipped with 2 premium football goals to train like pros!

    949,90 € 89990€
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