Trampoline Steel Frame

Spare parts for trampolines

Easily replace a trampoline frame

France Trampoline supplies trampoline frames to replace worn or damaged parts of your installation. After years of occasional or intensive use, or in the event of strong winds, the structure of your outdoor installation may be damaged. Maintain your trampoline by checking it regularly. So that your sessions remain safe and stimulating, make sure you replace the damaged parts of your trampoline frame with identical parts.

If certain parts of the steel trampoline frame are damaged, trampolines without safety enclosures are available. They include the jumping mat, the springs, the protection pad, the frame, and the legs, all identical to the original model. In the event that only one part of the frame needs replacing, we offer circular trampoline arcs, legs, and joining parts. Choose spare parts that are compatible with your trampoline.

Change your entire steel trampoline frame

The trampoline is an outdoor installation designed for the whole family, and after years of use, some parts my be worn out. We strongly recommend that you replace any worn-out parts before using your trampoline again. If, during the maintenance check, you notice that the trampoline frame is not in good shape, you may replace it with one of our stand-alone trampolines, sold without a safety enclosure.

This solution is the easiest and fastest way to replace the entire structure. They include not only the the galvanized steel frame, but also the other necessary components. This way you'll also be getting a new jumping mat, protection pad, springs, and legs compatible with the shape and size of your structure.

Give new life to your trampoline with our spare parts

In addition to the easy-to-install stand-alone trampolines, France Trampoline supplies circular arcs for trampoline frames in the event that this is the only part that needs replacing. With these parts, you'll only need to replace a part of the frame. The circular arcs are designed to perfectly suit your trampoline model.

To maintain the circular frame fastened to the legs of your trampoline and ensure its stability, you may also change any worn-out joining parts. Made in galvanized steel, they are just as sturdy as the original ones.

If the trampoline legs are worn, you may purchase spare W-shaped legs. Once your trampoline is as good as new, bouncers of all ages will once again be able to safely enjoy your installation.

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