Ø42/42 mm T-junction

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Check your T-junction components regularly to ensure user safety



    We use highly robust components to attach the framework of the trampoline firmly to the feet. These T-junction components are specific to France Trampoline, but can also be used with trampolines from other brands with similar characteristics (please contact us if you did not buy your trampoline at France Trampoline).

    Made from hot dip galvanised steel, they are highly rust resistant. You will not need to worry about these components deteriorating in bad weather.

    These T-junction components are very easy to use. You just need to fit one side onto the circular framework and the other side to the foot of the trampoline. You will not need any tools or screw and once closed you can rest assured that this component will remain solidly in position.

    The number of components needed varies depending on your trampoline. This component is adapted to the Booster 360/390/430/490 by France Trampoline.

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