Trampoline Net Mounting Parts

Trampoline net posts are important to keep your safety enclosure tensioned. France Trampoline makes available sets of net posts, foam sleeves, and caps to replace any damaged or worn-out parts.

Find replacement net posts for your trampoline net

Their shapes and sizes vary based on the model you own, so please be careful when choosing your replacement parts. The safety enclosure prevents users from falling off the jumping mat in the event of an awkward landing. Once in place, it can stand the weight of a child as well as an adult. The whole family may have fun in a completely safe environment!

The trampoline net posts available are identical to the originals for comparable performances. Our quality products are very resistant and treated for rust and harsh weather conditions. This way you may keep your trampoline outdoors all year long.

Quality trampoline safety net posts

France Trampoline has specialized in the design and manufacturing of trampolines and accessories since 1971. We supply the equipment needed to provide stimulating jumping sessions, such as protective foam sleeves, springs, and safety enclosures. The safety enclosures protect users and keep them from falling off the jumping mat. The net posts and caps keep the net in place.

Made of galvanized steel, the upper and lower parts of the posts fit together to form the entire posts. Our replacement parts are robust and rust-proof. You may therefore leave your trampoline outdoors all year long to organize many afternoons of family fun.

Keep your trampoline safe and in mint condition with our spare parts

The safety enclosure and its components act as a safety barrier around the trampoline structure. For example, the foam of the trampoline protective sleeves absorb any shocks if the user should bump into a net post. This will not only avoid any injuries but also keep users from falling off the jumping mat. The sleeves are made of PVC and are waterproof and UV-resistant. They protect the foam from humidity and prolong the life of the equipment.

Once the net has been tensioned with the fiberglass rods, caps, and trampoline net posts, you may perform jumps and figures in complete safety. We provide replacement parts sold separately so that you need only change the damaged parts and not the entire net.

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