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When several parts need changing, it is quicker and easier to replace them with a standalone trampoline that is identical to your original one. It includes the steel frame that supports your installation, and the upper components that allow you to jump.

Start jumping again with our standalone trampolines

Start jumping again with our standalone trampolines! As an outdoor activity enjoyed by the whole family, the trampoline will be a garden fixture for many years. Over time, with intensive use and sometimes severe weather conditions, the trampoline parts may wear out. The springs and jumping mat lose their tension, and the trampoline legs may lose some of their stability, making your jumping sessions less bouncy and especially more dangerous.

Simply re-install your safety enclosure on the new trampoline, along with the other accessories from your former model. With the new jumping mat, springs, and protection pad, you'll be all set to start jumping again! 

The usefulness of a standalone outdoor trampoline

Our complete trampoline models are equipped with a safety enclosure and fixations, as well as the frame and jumping mat on which to perform dynamic jumps and figures. For your safety, we recommend that you check the condition of your equipment on a regular basis, especially if you practice this activity often and intensively. In the event that you notice any damages to the jumping mat, springs, or steel frame, we suggest that you consider purchasing an outdoor standalone trampoline without a safety enclosure.

This package is ideal if several components of your outdoor trampoline are not in good shape. You and your children will then be able to use your newer trampoline in complete safety.

Find the right outdoor standalone trampoline

So that your sessions are performed in optimal conditions, France Trampoline makes available standalone trampolines to replace your damaged trampoline. Our spare trampolines are identical to the original models. It's up to you to choose the right one! If your safety enclosure and accessories are still in good shape, you may easily attach them to the new trampoline. This way you won't need to re-purchase an entire trampoline and worry about getting rid of the old one.

The robust, rustproof, galvanized steel frame is designed so that your outdoor trampoline without a safety enclosure may remain outdoors year-round.

Caution: in compliance with the standard NF EN 71-14 – 2018, leisure trampolines must be sold with a safety enclosure. Standalone trampolines may only be sold as replacement parts, in the event that a trampoline needs replacing when its safety enclosure is still in good condition. Under no circumstances may a trampoline be used without a safety enclosure.

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