Trampoline Fiberglass Rod

Your safety enclosure lacks tension and gets in your way during your sessions? France Trampoline supplies spare fiberglass rods for trampolines to help you maintain your outdoor installation.

Keep your safety net in good shape with our trampoline fiberglass rods

Safety always comes first, whether you use your trampoline for family fun, or for serious workout sessions. The safety enclosure transforms the trampoline's jumping mat into an enclosed space in which to freely perform jumps and sequences of figures.

So that the net may maintain its shape and optimal level of safety, a fiberglass trampoline rod framework is needed. Remember to check the condition of the rods regularly, especially when you install and uninstall the trampoline. With our spare parts, it is easy to replace a damaged part and give your safety enclosure a second wind.

Fiberglass rod maintenance

The arched fiberglass rods for trampoline frameworks keep the safety net tensioned. They are positioned along the upper part of the net and give it the shape of your trampoline. Both sturdy and lightweight, these small rods are required for your safety. Regular maintenance is key to having a secure, safe trampoline. When putting up your safety enclosure, make sure that none of the rods are damaged.

In the event that they are, then the net may not protect you in the event of a fall or awkward landing on the jumping mat. However, you may easily replace them with our arched fiberglass trampoline rods. These spare parts are identical to those originally supplied with your model designed by France Trampoline.

High-quality spare parts

With many years of experience in the field of trampolines, France Trampoline supplies quality spare parts. You may practice your outdoor activity in optimal conditions for many years. Jumpers of all ages have fun safely if the safety enclosure is in mint condition, meaning that it doesn't sag, or get in your way when you jump.

The different packs of arched fiberglass trampoline rods let you find the compatible parts, depending on the diameter of your trampoline. Our rods are not joined together with elastic bands.

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