Spare parts buyer's guide

Spare parts for your leisure trampoline

Are some parts of your trampoline starting to show signs of age, or are broken due to inclement weather or a shock?

You don't necessarily need to replace your entire trampoline! We carry a wide range of spare parts in stock to cater to all shapes, sizes, and characteristics of most trampolines.

Repairing your trampoline is more economical than replacing it completely. We carry hundreds of trampoline spare parts.

In this guide, we will explain to you step-by-step how to find the adequate spare parts for your trampoline, even if it is not a France Trampoline trampoline.

For professionals with specific trampolines, we offer custom-made spare parts for your trampoline or battery of trampolines. Please feel free to contact us to be sure that you choose the right spare parts for your trampoline.

The trampoline components

The first step in finding the right spare part for your trampoline is finding out what the part is called! As with any other 'technical' product, the trampoline has its own terminology. The diagrams below illustrate the different trampoline components.

Trampoline spare-part terms

Composition of a leisure trampoline
  1. Jumping mat
  2. Frame pad
  3. Springs
  4. Steel rods
  5. "T" junction parts
  6. Vertical leg extension
  7. "W" shaped leg
  8. Frame pad elastic cords

Trampoline safety enclosure terms

Composition of a leisure trampoline enclosure
  1. Textile net
  2. Fiberglass rods
  3. Complete net post
  4. Fixation caps
  5. Foam protection
  6. Net post sleeve
  7. Mounting bracket

Finding the right spare part for your trampoline

As shown above, a trampoline is made up of a number of specific, technical components, none of which should be replaced any which way. To determine the right spare parts for your trampoline, the first thing you need to do is to measure your trampoline.

Determining the size of your trampoline

• It's not easy to measure the exact diameter of your outdoor trampoline by yourself: ideally, it's a job for two people and a tape measure.

  • To find the right spare part, you need to know the exact diameter, or lengths and widths of your trampoline, down to the centimeter.
  • Also measure the above-ground height of your trampoline: this measurement is useful in the event that you wish to purchase a step-ladder or protective skirt for your trampoline.
  • Overall size: for a round trampoline, we recommend that you measure the diameter twice, using the 4 cardinal points. The reason for this is that, over time, the round shape may have morphed into an oval.
  • Our measurements are in cm or mm, based on the part type.

Finding a framework net or textile net

We supply different types of stand-alone nets to fasten to your net posts with plastic fixations. Whatever the shape, size, or brand of your trampoline, you'll be sure to find the right model among the 40 we carry in stock.

To replace the safety enclosure net or net posts, you need to precisely measure the following:

  • The diameter or lengths and widths of your trampoline,based on its shape,
  • The number of posts,
  • If there are plastic net fixations at the top of your net posts or not,
  • The diameter (in mm) of your posts, if your trampoline was not purchased at France Trampoline,
  • The number of legs,
  • The type of net.

Net with textile straps

Your steel posts are equipped with rounded plastic fixings and your net is hooked up to them and then fastened with straps.

We carry several replacement nets that are compatible with your trampoline's diameter and number of posts.

Net with fiberglass rods

The net and rods are dissociated, so you'll need to order the Premium textile net that corresponds to your diameter.

The fiberglass rods are sold seperately.

Net sewn onto the post sleeves

Some older nets are sewn directly onto the sleeves that protect the net posts.

When your net is worn out, we recommend that you choose a more traditional net, with plastic net fixings at the top and straps, if your net posts measure 25 mm in diameter.

If your net posts measure 38 mm in diameter, our fiberglass system may also be a solution, provided that you have (or order) the fixings which are compatible with the fiberglass posts.

Textile net with frame tubes

If your frame tubes are showing signs of wear and tear, one money-saving option is to change the entire safety net. These nets are available in our Trampoline Accessories pages, and are adaptable to all trampolines.

Changing a jumping mat or a frame pad

To replace a jumping mat or a frame pad, you need to do the following:

  1. Measure the diameter, lengths and widths of your trampoline, based on its shape,
  2. The length of the original springs of the trampoline. To do so, remove one of the springs by doing the following:
    • • Push down on the middle of the coil,
    • • Unhook the spring from the trampoline frame,
    • • Remove the spring.
  3. Count the number of springs of the trampoline.

All you need to do now is measure the length of the spring, hooks included.

If the number of springs differs slightly, it is still possible to install a jumping mat, but the mat tension and bouncing quality will be modified.

As for the frame pad, if your springs are less than 180 mm long, it is possible to order the 180-mm springs listed on our order form.

Changing the net's steel frame tubes

We supply spare posts for our trampoline brands, which may be installed on other trampolines with our mounting-bracket fastening system (except for the Oxygen and Hip-Hop lines).

The U-shaped mounting brackets are stronger than a screw-based system, which would weaken the steel structure of your trampoline and would require perfect symmetry to correctly place the screws.

This solution allows us to offer you an easy way to replace the parts of your trampoline frame, no matter what the model and number of posts required, in diameters of 25 mm, 31 mm, or 38 mm.

If you own a trampoline measuring 2.50 m or 3 m, the post lengths may differ. We recommend that you contact us so that together we may find the best way possible to replace your posts.

Changing the trampoline springs

Prolonged use or too much weight on the jumping mat can damage the springs. This happens when the spring coils stretch out, making them unusable.

The jumping mat then not only loses its bounce, but also its tension balance.

We supply spare springs sold separately or in packs of 20 or 50.

You need to replace your worn-out springs with identical new ones. To determine the size of your springs, you need to remove one from your trampoline. To do so:

  1. Push down on the middle of the spring coil,
  2. Unhook the hook from the trampoline frame,
  3. Remove the spring.

All you need to do now is measure the length of your spring from end to end, hooks included.

We also carry other springs that can be used on our Apollo Sport line or athletic trampolines. Please contact us to check for availability.

Changing one or several parts of the main frame

If your trampoline was purchased at France Trampoline, you may order the arched rods, vertical leg extensions, and legs directly on our web site.

If your trampoline was purchased elsewhere, please check the installation system of your steel structure.

We use a T-shaped metallic junction system to avoid screws or welded parts.

  • If your frame has parts that are assembled with T-junctions, we can provide you with the frame arches for your trampoline.
  • If your trampoline is assembled with screws or welded parts, then unfortunately we cannot replace your frame.

To allow us to provide you with compatible parts for your frame, please begin by doing the following:

  • Measure the tube diameter of your frame,
  • Count the number of springs on your trampoline.

For all frame spare parts, please contact us on +33 (0)5 56 36 04 62.

Custom-made spare parts

We can provide custom-made jumping mats, square or rectangular, to fit your trampoline, if the part you need is not of standard size.

Below you will find quote request form. Once we receive your quote request by e-mail, we will send you a detailed quote at no charge.

Changing other parts

All the components of FRANCE TRAMPOLINE's trampolines are available in spare parts.

Should you not be able to find the part you're looking for on our site, please contact us directly on +33 (0)5 56 36 04 62 or via e-mail.

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