It is sometimes necessary to change one or several springs on your trampoline. We have a large range of springs of all sizes on offer, so that you can replace your springs easily.

They are rust resistant, which improves their durability. France Trampoline sells high quality replacement components. Their conical ends will make your trampoline even more dynamic.

If you want to order one or several springs, we recommend checking the following measurements:
•    Exterior diameter of the trampoline
•    Length of the springs (hooks included) when removed from the trampoline
•    Number of springs

Bounce back with our trampoline springs

To jump high and perform amazing figures, you need to have quality trampoline springs. France Trampoline's springs ensure dynamic jumps for the whole family. Whether you practice on your trampoline intensively or simply from time to time, our trampoline models offer fantastic sessions and a renewed sense of freedom with each and every bounce, allowing you to train - or just have fun - for a long time.

When purchasing trampoline springs, check to be sure that their compressed size corresponds to the size of the original springs.We sell springs in packs, providing a practical, economical solution should you need to change several springs at the same time. You may then save any unused spare springs for later use, either to replace worn-out springs or when your jumping mat is no longer tensioned to your liking.

Changing trampoline springs: a routine maintenance procedure

The trampoline is an installation comprised of several components that may require installing and uninstalling several times a year. At each set up or take down, we recommend that you check the shape of your equipment. The worn-out or damaged parts hinder your trampoline's performance. Repeated use of the trampoline leads to worn-out parts that need replacing, including trampoline springs.

As soon as your jumping mat starts losing tension, your bounce is reduced and so is the pleasure of jumping. Replacing your springs gives your trampoline back its optimal tension and increases its durability. Your children will be jumping for joy once you've replaced your trampoline springs!

Different sizes for different trampolines

Before purchasing trampoline springs, it is important to check the type of springs installed on your model. To do so, measure their size from hook to hook when they are not in tension. Tension applied to the jumping mat will skew the measurements. Also make sure you measure the springs when no one is on the trampoline.

Once you've measured the springs, go ahead and order your appropriate pack of trampoline springs. They are easily installed with a spring clip included in your purchase. This multi-purpose tool helps you stretch the springs one by one, from the jumping mat to the steel frame. Once you've replaced the worn-out springs, your trampoline will be as good as new and ready for hours and hours of jumps, figures, games, and more!

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