Set of 20 springs 250 mm

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20 x 250 mm long spring for professional trampolines



Product available in different sizes

Sport trampolines, like professional trampolines, are subject to intensive, seasonal or year-round use. The jumping surface loses its dynamism when equipped with slack springs, which makes the trampoline activity much less attractive. After several seasons, it is sometimes necessary to change several springs. Our company offers these springs individually to restore your trampoline to its original condition at a lower cost.

- These springs are 250 mm long (measured at rest) and will fit your trampoline if the springs are the same length.

- The springs are corrosion resistant so they can be left outside all year round.

- The steel wire of these springs measures 3.3 mm in diameter for coils of 30 mm in diameter: these trampoline springs guarantee professional quality performance.

- To remove your old springs, we advise you to use a hooked clamp, supplied with the purchase of a trampoline of our brand or sold separately. Simply pull your spring out and pull the hook out easily by pressing on the coils.

- Do not hesitate to contact us to check the compatibility with your trampoline.

Length of springs250 mm
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