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Spare parts for trampolines

For your safety it is highly recommended that you replace a missing, damaged, torn, or otherwise malfunctioning safety net.

Secure your jumps with our safety enclosure spare parts

France Trampoline supplies safety enclosure spare parts for our different models. These parts ensure you a safe, enclosed space in which to play and work out. After years of use or very bad weather conditions, you may need to replace your safety net before using your trampoline again.

A safety enclosure in good shape prevents users from falling off the mat in the event of a bad fall. You may also block young children from accessing the jumping mat thanks to the net's zipped entry way. The safety enclosure spare parts let you replace the original net, as well as the fixations that hold it in place.

Find the safety enclosure adapted to your model

A damaged safety enclosure endangers the user and requires immediate repair. Children can easily become endangered by getting their fingers caught in a torn net, or when using the jumping mat unsupervised. Based on your trampoline model, the size and shape of the safety net may vary: oval, round, rectangular, octagonal, and so on. The safety enclosure spare part should be compatible with the trampolines designed by France Trampoline, or by other manufacturers.

Before replacing your damaged net, check the diameter of your structure and the height of your current net to ensure compatibility. Make sure screws are used to install the net between the net posts. To make the installation easier, the screws are supplied with the spare part. Other safety enclosure spare parts are also available to keep your installation in mint condition.

Ready-to-install safety enclosure spare parts

In the event that only certain parts of your safety enclosure are deteriorated, we supply safety enclosure spare parts sold separately. If, after careful examination, the net posts, fiberglass rods, and fixations are still in good shape, you may opt for a spare safety net. This is more practical and affordable than changing the entire enclosure.

We also provide spare parts that ensure the complete safety of your enclosure, such as mounting brackets, snap links, sheaves, or fiberglass rods.

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