Steel Arched Rods

You may just need to replace your trampoline : we have a whole range of trampolines such as the Jump'Up, Waouuh, Booster or Apollo trampolines.

All of our products are in compliance with European standards and are regularly checked.

Find an adequate circular steel trampoline frame

After years of use or extreme weather conditions, the trampoline's circular steel frame may show signs of wear. We recommend that you replace the worn-out parts before starting to use your trampoline again. France Trampoline supplies circular frames that are identical to those supplied originally, and are easy to install. They offer the same safety guarantees to users.

Their seamless design ensures the robustness of the spare part. With T-shaped junctions, the arcs are fastened to the trampoline legs for enhanced stability. Made of galvanized steel, they are weather-proof and so may remain outdoors all year long. The size of the circular steel arcs depends on the size of the trampoline, so be sure to choose the spare part that is adapted to your model. We also supply trampoline legs, should you need to change your worn-out trampoline legs.

A trampoline frame in good condition

Sometimes extreme weather conditions may damage your trampoline, or else regular, intensive use has worn it out. Before climbing on to the jumping mat and practicing, check the shape of the circular steel trampoline frame. If it seems damaged, you may easily replace a part or all of it with our spare parts.

A trampoline in mint condition is a guarantee that your play sessions will take place safely and securely. The frame is not only used to maintain the jumping mat and protection pad in place, but also to bring stability to the entire installation.

High-quality circular steel trampoline frames

France Trampoline makes available circular steel trampoline arcs to replace your model's damaged parts. Our seamless frame technology guarantees optimal robustness for safe, dynamic use of your trampoline for years. Before choosing your spare part, check to be sure that the spare part in question is compatible with your installation: the diameter, length, and shape of the arcs may vary depending on the trampoline.

Our expertise allows us to certify the robustness of our circular steel trampoline arcs. We have chosen a galvanized steel structure that is rust-proof and seamless. The joining parts are not included with the sale of the arcs.

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