Circular framework Booster/Boost'Up 300

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Spare part for the metal framework on the Booster/Boost'Up 300 trampoline.



    Is your trampoline in good condition apart from a few of the steel tubes of the framework? Changing these tubes is a cheaper solution to maintain the functionality of your trampoline. If there is any deterioration or distortion, it is essential to change this component to ensure good bounce and user safety.

    - This semi circular component has ben designed for the Booster/Boost'Up 300 trampoline. It can also be used on a trampoline with the following characteristics: 11 holes for the springs, a 42 mm diameter and cinched ends for a T-junction component to fit onto.

    - The framework of the Booster/Boost'Up 300 trampoline has 6 galvanised steel tubes with a thickness of 2 mm and a 48 mm diameter, which guarantees solidity. Teenagers and children can use the trampoline for years.

    - To assemble this component with the T-junction, the ends of the tube have been cinched. This technical specificity avoids the use of soldering, which in time weakens the structure.

    If your trampoline is not a France Trampoline product and the tubes are not joined using a T-junction system that is similar to ours, this spare part will not fit on your trampoline. You will therefore have to think about changing the entire framework or replacing the trampoline completely.

    If you have any doubts about the compatibility of this component with your trampoline, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Warning: The springs and T-junction components mentioned are not part of this offer.

    Trampoline size305 cm
    France Trampoline modelBoost'Up - Booster 300
    CategoriesArcs de cercle armature
    Arc de cercle acier
    Diamètre & épaisseur acier42 x 2 mm
    MatièreAcier galvanisé - Traité anti-corrosion
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